Netflix Spin-Off Unveils Beautiful Video Of Its Shoot

Netflix Spin-Off Unveils Beautiful Video Of Its Shoot

Although the series The Vikings Finally, Netflix thanks for a comeback The Vikings are not good. This is not a video of the shoot, but the opposite.

Worship Series by Michael Hirst, The Vikings The very disappointing 6B season came to an end and a little taste of unfinished business was left in this Nordic world. This is good because Netflix has set up a spin-off production and captured it The Vikings are not good. Written by Jeb Stuart, best known as a screenwriter Rocky IV, Crystal trap, but also Exodus Starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones The Vikings The events of the original series take place a century later.

We will particularly follow the adventures of famous Scandinavian heroes: Leaf Eriksson (Sam Corlett), Friedez Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavson), Harold Hardrada (Leo Sutter) and King William the Conqueror of England. The rest of the cast is Jahanas Hacker Jahanson (Atomic Blonde), Laura Berlin, and David Oaks (Cold skin), Poliana McIntosh (previously in the series The ghost that walks) Fine Asborn Krog Nissen.

If the cast relies on a number of unknown actors, the series The Vikings are not good It seems to be preparing for the return of the longships and the Axis. In fact, the streaming platform has unveiled a short video behind its new creation. The great work of many of the collaborators in this series is crystallized by the creation of gigantic sets, but it also shows the special attention paid to waging vicious and violent battles.

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So, Netflix is ​​offering its first vision of mass production, according to Michael Hearst (spin-off executive producer), which took place in Ireland during the Pandemic. most likely, These first films announce the possibility of more releases than expected. This publicity stunt could indicate a release date ending 2021.

Hopefully we will have the same battles as the Vikings

Especially since Netflix sent the first images of its exclusives to the gum marketing level, for example, the return of Jean-Claude van Dumme The last mercenary And his John Wick Feminism Visited Again: Kate. Its release date is pending The Vikings are not good, You can find a review of Season 6B and the grand finale of the original series The Vikings.

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