Netflix Series to launch Josh Duhamal as a superhero in May –

Netflix Series to launch Josh Duhamal as a superhero in May -

The series is based on the graphic novels of Mark Miller and Frank Kwight and tells the story of superheroes and their families. In the comic book template, aliens gave superpowers superpowers in the 1930s after visiting a Nigoious island. For 100 years, despite internal conflicts between former collaborators and friends, in their transition, they have essentially protected humanity. Over time, the civil identities of most of the heroes were revealed, but not all. Now that second generation superheroes have grown out of their generation, it’s hard to get out of their shadow.

In the now-released teaser trailer, superhero utopian (Josh Duhamal) suggests the biggest challenge for his kids:

Teaser-Trailer Zoo “The Tradition of Jupiter” (Synchronfassung)

Characters in the series: Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamal) Utopian, the most powerful of superheroes; Grace Sampson (Leslie Bibb), Sheldon’s wife, as Lady Liberty, one of the most powerful superheroes; Walter Sampson (Ben Daniels), Sheldon’s older brother, is not physically the strongest as a brain wave, but in contrast to the intelligent brother, heroes should not “protect” humanity, but should lead them “directly” – meaning leaders “; Chloe Sampson (Elena) Daughter; Brandon Sampson (Andrew Horton), son of Sheldon and Grace; He broke up with the team after the dispute.

Tenika Davis also has the supporting character of Petra Small, Fitz’s daughter, and Anna Akana and Tyler Mane.

There was a fight behind the series: Originally, Steven S. Deknite (“Spartacus”, “Marvel Daredevil”) was on board as a showrunner, but due to disagreements about the direction of the series during filming, he took over and took over the job with the cap, sung by Q Kim.

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