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Netflix restarts with “Oggy”; Wildbrain buys “Alva’s World”; Kika, C5 order ‘Odo’

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Netflix restarts with “Oggy”

An acquisition of Netflix Oggy – the new generation, Reboot of French Animation Studio Silam Animation Series Oggy and the chickens, In the original range.

The acquisition comes amid several new offers for the franchise, including the start of a preschool spin-off. Oggy OggyAnd the renovation of the original salon.

78 x 7 min Reset reset, Oggy – the new generation It brings a “new take, a new theme” to the original show, and will be performed worldwide under the brand name Netflix Original. It has been acquired by several broadcasters, including Gully in France, M6, Discovery in Italy, DEA Kids, and VRT-Ketnet in Flemish Belgium.

156 x 7 min Derivative Show Oggy Oggy At the same time, it is entirely targeted at CGI and preschool audiences, with Silam dealing with French televisions, Discovery Italy and Super RTL in Germany.

Loriginal Oggy and the chickensLaunched in 1998, it has renewed long-term partners Gully, M6 in France and Discovery in Italy.

“There has never been a more exciting time for our flagship brand Oggy and the chickens We nurture a strong heritage of property through new and modern iterations that expand Ogi’s world and introduce new audiences to this valuable franchise, ”said Silam Animation CEO Mark du Pontavis.

Alva’s world

Wildbrain buys ‘Alva’s World’

Wildbrain in Canada acquires worldwide distribution rights for children’s shows Alva’s world, Outside the UK, Ireland, Finland.

The 52 x 11 minute show, originally produced by Ireland Cavalier Productions for Sky Kids and Artizer, is a 2D animation from preschool to elementary school, focusing on Internet security and its storytelling.

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Alva’s world This is an important and thematic series about a fun and exciting adventure with the sub-category of helping children navigate the online world, ”said Carolyn Tire, Vice President, Wild Brain Sales and Rights Global Strategy.


Kika, C5 order ‘Odo’

German channel Kika and British Channel 5 commissioned pre-school series Listen For the Millshake Preschool Programming Block!

The 52 x 7 minute animated series is a collaboration between Ireland Sixteen South and Polish animation studio Letko, which created the series based on the art of illustrator Alina Takach.

The series follows the adventure of Odo, the youngest owl in the forest camp. Despite his size, he decided to prove that he was as capable as the big birds.

“Having experienced our kids for the past 12 months, more than ever, it’s actually a glimpse of its time. We are delighted to have so many new voices in our editorial team, and we do not hesitate to tell stories that need to be told: stories that deal with racism, welcoming immigrant groups, adoption, loneliness, and friendship, ”explained Colin Williams. Exhibition of capture originals.

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