Netflix lost one of its best series after 3 seasons

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Disappointed fans, canceled one of Netflix’s best comedy series. This is Derry Girls, the best Irish product made with 97% approval for rotten tomatoes. Lisa McGee, the creator of the series, confirmed on her Twitter that the long-awaited third season is coming to an end.

The story of the Derry Girls follows a group of teenagers living in Derry, Northern Ireland during the great political and social conflict of the 1990s.


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The theme of the production is full of funny scenes and attractive characters that highlight the Mother Superior of a Catholic school attended by girls.

Popculture has revealed everything fans need to know about the end of the Derry Girls and the last season on Netflix.

The long-awaited result of Derry Girls

“My plan was always to say goodbye after three seasons. After all, Derry Girls is the story of 5 ridiculous teenagers who are starting to grow up,” Lisa McGee said in her official official statement.

Shoraner, who based most of the series on his personal experiences, also reveals that last season will bring about a big change in the political and social scenes that the characters experience.

“Northern Ireland is also entering a period of hope – it was a really magical time,” the series’ creator commented.

According to McGee, Derry Girls was born as a “love letter” to the place where she was born and raised.

“Derry Girls is a love letter to the place I came from and the people who shaped me. Writing this production was an honor and I will always be proud of everything we have achieved,” the producer said excitedly.

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But when does Derry Girls’ final season premiere on Netflix? It should be noted that this series is not the original build of the platform: Streaming has exclusive international broadcasting rights.

Before airing on Netflix, the episodes will be broadcast by British broadcaster Channel 4, where they still have no release date.

In August 2021, an update on the Derry Girls final season footage was offered by Siobhan McSweeney, the narrator of the game Sister Michael.

“We hope to shoot later this year, but as you can imagine, booking a shoot is a nightmare. Lisa does not want to compromise on quality, but we are all impatient to finish the story, ”said the actress.

Claire’s commentator Nicola Cofflan has claimed that the filming of Derry Girls’ new season has already been delayed several times.

Derry Girls’ third and final season still has no release date on Netflix. The first two seasons are available on the platform.

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