Netflix: ISP Performance Index for Netflix March 2022

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In Asia, five ISPs showed their increase ISP Performance Index for Netflix In March. We update this index monthly to find Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that offer the best Primetime Netflix streaming experience.

VNPT in Vietnam increased by 0.2 megabits per second (Mbps) to 3.4 Mbps. After a decline of 0.2 Mbit / s last month, Japan’s VECTANT recovered 0.2 Mbit / s to 2.8 Mbit / s. Sajil Telecom recorded a similar increase in Kuwait. In Pakistan, fiberlink increases from 0.2 Mbit / s to 2.6 Mbit / s. In Indonesia, Telecom gets 0.2 Mbit / s and increases it to 3 Mbit / s.

The fact that the Indonesian national average also rose 0.2 Mbit / s to 3.2 Mbit / s is no doubt partly thanks to this increase.

In Latin America, all four ISPs show increasing numbers. Cable Color (Guatemala), Airtech (Venezuela), Entel (Chile) and Copaco (Paraguay) get 0.2 Mbit / s to reach 3 Mbit / s, 3 Mbit / s, 2.6 Mbit / s and 2 Mbit / s, respectively.

Despite Copaco’s increase after a 0.2 Mbit / s drop in February, Paraguay’s national average fell 0.2 Mbit / s to 3.4 Mbit / s. Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Finland, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, countries including the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and Uruguay recorded 0.2 drops in 17 other regions. Mbit / s from their national average.

In March, the best-performing ISPs dropped from 3.8 Mbps to 3.6 Mbps, as the average throughput required to achieve streaming performance similar to Netflix in prime time was lower. Twenty-one countries, including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. , Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

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The ISP Performance Index is for prime time Netflix service only. This is not a general measure of performance, including other services / data circulating on the network of suspicious ISPs. High performance on Netflix usually results in better image quality, faster start time, and fewer interruptions. We have also created a special tool to test your current download performance: Go to Download the fast app from any internet browser or Speed ​​testIOS Where Android.

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