Netflix is ​​declining worldwide as user screens display error messages

Netflix is ​​declining worldwide as user screens display error messages

Netflix has caught the eye of users around the world with screens displaying an error message.

Posts describing how frustrated viewers in many countries, including the UK, US, France and Ireland, could not watch shows like the Squid Game filled social media.

One of the images shared in the mirror showed a message: “Netflix encountered an error. Please try again in 14 seconds.”

It displayed an error code and gave viewers three buttons: “Retry”, “More details”, and “Exit”.

The Netflix crash has added to Internet users’ already miserable week, as they have had to deal with Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and WhatsApp in recent days.

An error message appears for a UK Netflix user

As many as 3,000 Netflix users in the UK reported malfunctions in the DownDector before 11:50 pm on Thursday.

A Berlin viewer wrote on Twitter: “Okay, okay, #NetflixDown. Thanks, the #squid game ended earlier today.”

A Scottish woman tweeted: “Netflix crashes in the middle of the episode … Is that what I laughed about when it came to Facebook?”

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