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Netflix has released the first teaser of the series mixing thriller and action clio.

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– Directed by Vivian Andregen and Jano Ben Chabane, Jella Haas was given the lead role in the series created by the Haribo Trio.

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Last week, Netflix dropped the first teaser for a new action-thriller series. An eight-part plan Cleo [+lire aussi :
fiche série
Trio is a work of writing They have Hackfort, Richard Croft And Bob ConradAlso known as Haribo (TV series Para – We AKing again And 4 blocks). Elena Senft Also contributed to the show’s writing, particularly its fourth and fifth episodes.

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The story begins in 1987 when Cleo, an East German spy, kills a businessman in West Berlin while on a mission with an undercover Stasi commando. Before long, she is arrested by the Stasi on false claims and condemned and vilified by everyone she knows – even her own grandfather. When the Berlin Wall falls, after two years in prison, Cleo is suddenly released. She soon discovers that the conspiracy against her is far greater than she ever imagined, and a red suitcase seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle. Cleo sets out for revenge on a hunt that leads her through chaotic Berlin, improvised electro clubs and Majorcan. FIncas, and finally to the Atacama Desert. All the while, West Berlin police officer Sven follows her, and he watches the case of his life unfold before him.

Actors lead the way Eat HaseWho plays the main character and also acts Dimitrij Shad, Vladimir Burlakov, Thandi Sebe, Marta Sroka, Julius Feldmeier And Jürgen Heinrich. Series lenses do Martin Langer And Tobias Copper. Directing Vivian Anderegan (TV Movie Defamed and feature Three exclamation pointsin charge of episodes 1, 2, 3, and 8) and Jano ben Chabane (TV Movie Found blind – buried alive and TV series Mapin charge of episodes 4, 5, 6, and 7).

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“A tumultuous mix of action and thriller – with a healthy dose of comedy – Cleo takes the viewer back to the vibrant Berlin of the early 1990s,” says Netflix’s official press release.

Cleo making Michael Sauvignier And As far as Derenbach, by Germany’s Zeitsprung Pictures, for Netflix. The show will be released exclusively on Netflix this summer.

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