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Netflix gives Vikings fans a great gift – and puts Valhalla in danger

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Vikings: Valhalla is considered to be the successor to Vikings, the successful series on Netflix, and if all goes well, it could start this year, but not after 2022. The order of several seasons at the same time Hopefully, but surprisingly for a number of reasons.

Netflix’s confidence boom: Vikings Valhalla’s 3 seasons is extraordinary

As What’s on Netflix? It was recently discovered that Netflix has one thing in common 3 season Vikings: Valhalla ordered – that too, Even before the first season ran. That sounds promising, but in 2021 it’s very unexpected.

The Vikings

Vikings: We have known for a long time that Netflix has commissioned a number of episodes for Valhalla. Its confirmation Distribute 24 episodes over 3 seasons of 8 episodes each, Now making long-term plans for the Vikings: clearer than Valhalla. Season 2 scripts are ready and Season 3 is now being written.

This is especially unusual when looking at the growing long list of discontinued Netflix series. This is because, if the audience number is not right, the streaming service has taken a more radical approach when it comes to truncation (including popular formats with a large fan base). Netflix has now commissioned 3 seasons for the Vikings: Valhalla is a model in terms of confidence in winning. This is Netflix ‘ The successor of the risk-free Viking.

4 points I doubt Netflix’s Valhalla can help the Vikings win

Of course, the Vikings: We hope that Valhalla will bring us down and convince us completely, but many Dangerous factors Turn Netflix’s Guaranteed Success Guaranteed into a Moving Game:

  • After the Vikings left the main character Ragnar in Season 4, many viewers parted ways with the series, which ended after Season 6. Is it possible to revive the flat interest to resume?
  • Speaking of Ragnar: Travis’ Fimmel’s exit showed that the Vikings were a Ragnar show for many and lost its appeal without him as a recognizable figure. Vikings: Although Valhalla indirectly honors Ragnar, the question remains: Vikings: Can Valhalla be given a new Ragnar?
  • Unlike other revivals, spin-offs, and sequels that currently make TV and the streaming world insecure, Vikings: Valhalla is also a long way from the Mother Series. Even a plot of time 100 years after the events of Season 6, it is almost impossible to bring back the best known characters. In addition to the two small, mysterious Vikings, a completely new cast has long been confirmed. Will the Vikings audience jump without the nostalgia of old fan favorites?
  • Finally, the Vikings were implemented as a history channel series by Michael Hirst, the creator of the series, while Vikings: Valhalla is now being produced directly under Netflix creator Jeb Stuart (which has so far only gone for evaluation). This will inevitably bring about changes that will lose viewers. How different are the changing tones of Vikings and Valhalla?

Vikings: In a historical series like Valhalla, the effort to create convincing sets and costumes for Netflix is ​​often worthwhile in the long run. In addition to the long-term Viking success, this should be another reason why the streaming service continues to invest in several seasons of the series.

With optimism about the future of the Netflix series, the latest 6 findings about the Vikings: Valhalla could turn out to be a success. So that means: Put your fingers across.

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Are you a Vikings fan waiting for the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla or are you still in doubt?

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