Netflix emulates TikTok: a short video style series for children

Netflix emulates TikTok: a short video style series for children

Netflix is ​​launching a new offer for kids who are very close to TikTok. The battle for Generation Alpha began.

Now Netflix is ​​also taking an example from Tick Tock. How do streaming platforms fit into short video platforms? Netflix will launch in the coming days Kurzvideo-Feature names Kids Clips. It includes a library of short clips or children’s movies from the popular Netflix series. The feature is coming this week, but is initially limited to the iOS app in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Spanish-speaking countries in South America.

Kids’ clips are not the first feature that Netflix relies on for TikTok. With Fast Laughs, the streaming platform offered something similar to older users. By choosing short clips from popular series, Apple tried to seduce users and convince them to stay longer with new shows. Children’s clips are ultimately the same as in children’s movies. As the target group is young users, the feature is only available for about ten to 20 minutes. This is to protect children from spending too much time on their smartphones.

TikTok conquers the entertainment world

On the one hand, it is exciting that all platforms see Tic Tac Toe as a direct competition. This only makes sense for social apps like Instagram or Snapchat, but Netflix and TikTok have different offers. But the streaming platform is also at risk, as users who want to spend time watching Netflix overdo it like to scroll through tick-tock for hours. On the other hand, it will become clear how all the entertainment giants focus on addressing very young users. As well as Facebook and Instagram. It seems that the preferences for Gen Z and their favorite platforms have been delivered, and now the thing is to catch and retain Generation Alpha as soon as possible.

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