Netflix comedy “Thunder Force”: Lots of patchwork with super powers

Netflix comedy "Thunder Force": Lots of patchwork with super powers

Word, but no more: New Netflix comedy “Thunder Force”.

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Melissa McCarthy is a good-looking model in “Thunder Force” who cuts without model dimensions – doing the short work of rivals.

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Innsbruck – “Thunder Force” is the fifth film to be screened by Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcon since 2014. Once again, McCarthy plays on a fairly determined revolt noodle. Once again, her director and screenwriter, Falcon, wrote exactly the body part. Again the standard conditions of the general categories are parodied. “In the Thunder Force” is a ubiquitous superhero film that has been around for more than a decade. A perfectly worthy venture. After all, this category is still difficult in terms of roles that transcend the general gender and the standard images of society. In “Thunder Force”, there are two forties, thankfully, not calibrated to the best model dimensions, they are supposed to save Chicago from intergalactically irradiated villains. That’s it. This is one or the other goggle of this comedy. For example, when a seafood product called Do-It-All (Jason Batman), which is basically sympathetic, is recommended in a restaurant, its power must be half-human and half-lobster: converts have emotions that they want to behave politically right.

Trailer | “Thunder Force”

“Thunder Force” is a half-cooked job. The plot is thin – a common reason for slapstick breaks: two alien childhood friends (McCarthy and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer) reunite themselves in the fight against alien-inspired duping tactics. Unlike their rivals, they owe their superpowers to terrestrial research. However, until they are actually activated, Falcon’s script will be lost in the thick preparation battle.

Along with Melissa Leo, another character actress who has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe has been allowed to help become new superheroes. Before things get out of hand, Leo must go to the bathroom where the assistant is playing. When she returns, the glasses will be gone. Most patterns work according to this pattern. They’re not really new or particularly brave, and somehow comfortable. “Thunder Force” is a comedy full of unchallenged leading actresses who never try to feel like a movie. It is made for post-work loss in front of the television. That’s not surprising either. Because that’s what he was created for. Falcon and Melissa McCarthy. Algorithm of a large streamer that has been subscribed millions of times. There, on Netflix, “Thunder Force” is available for instant consumption from yesterday.

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