Netflix buys Roll Doll’s entire catalog, including Willie Wonka

Netflix buys Roll Doll's entire catalog, including Willie Wonka

Netflix has acquired the rights to the works of British author Roald Dahl, and the streaming service can now create projects around popular headlines. Charlie and the chocolate factory, James and the giant peach, B.F.G., Wonderful Mr. Fox, Mathilde And so on. As Netflix raises its stake in the current streaming wars, this deal is considered to be the largest content transaction of the streaming service.

Netflix has already reached a three-year contract Roald DollStory Company (RDSC) allowed some of the author’s most famous titles to be licensed, but what this new deal now means is that Netflix owns the Golden Ticket and the whole company, giving them access to all sorts of stories and characters. This deal with Roll Doll Story Company will cement their place in the streaming competition, which was gradually established with the advent of Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Disney +.

In fact, Netflix already has several Roll Doll-based projects, including a TV series based on Charles World and the Chocolate Factory. Lapin Jojo And Thor: Love and thunder Director Tyca Vity, and an adaptation Mathilde Music. Ultimately, it was these emerging projects that opened the eyes of the streaming giant to the inherent possibilities in accepting Roald Dahl’s works.

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“These plans have opened our eyes to a bigger business,” Netflix said of the deal in a statement. “The creation of a unique universe through animation, live action movies, television, publishing, games, in-depth experiences, live theater consumer products and much more.”

“As these timeless stories are presented to more audiences in new formats, we are committed to preserving their charm and surprise surprise and beauty, while sprinkling new magic into the mix,” the press release continues. “We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this great story so far. Looking back, we are pleased to continue the close working relationship that RDSC has established with existing rights holders, partners in publishing, partnership, theater and entertainment to preserve and develop this great legacy of stories.”

Duke’s grandson Luke Kelly, RDSC CEO, said of the new deal with Netflix: “Our mission at Roll Doll Story Company is to share messages of hope, strength and potential for young people. We hope that being part of a larger company will give us additional support to continue in this mission. Netflix has agreed to acquire RDSC in a transaction based on our recent success.

The works of the famous novelist Roald Dahl have sold over 250 million copies worldwide, and the author has created unique worlds that are unusual, sometimes disturbing, and full of imagination. His most recognizable titles include Likes James and the giant peach, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Mathilde, Witches, Wonderful Mr. Fox, B.F.G., Widots, Georges Wonderful medicine, Many of which are already matched with animation and live action. No doubt Netflix is ​​now looking for filmmakers who can bring something new to these stories and strengthen the original content of the streaming service.

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Mathilde Music This will be Netflix’s next Roll Doll project, based on the very popular stage music version of the story.

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