Netflix 2021 is the number one Golden Globe nominee: See all nominees

Netflix 2021 is the number one Golden Globe nominee: See all nominees

Despite the complex 2020, the film and the small screen, 2021 Golden Globe nominations dropped on Wednesday. The ceremony, scheduled for Davier 28 (78th this year), traditionally marks the start of the awards season in Hollywood.

“Monk” was the first Golden Globe nominee to be nominated in six categories, including Best Drama.

Netflix production, directed by David Fincher Black and White, and screenplay by Gary Oldman and screenwriter Herman J. “Monk” is exploring the golden age of Hollywood, following Monkwichis. Aaron Sork’s other Netflix feature film “The Chicago Seven” came in second with five nominations.

Video-on-demand platform linked to the epidemic and replacing large productions from traditional studios, It won 22 elections this year compared to 17 last year.

Anthony Hopkins, a French florist, received four nominations for Chloe Shaw’s “Nomadland”, “Promising Young Woman”, and Emerald Fennel (the first film to appear in The Crown).

Movie: Nominated

Best Drama Movie

Father / Monk / Nomadland / Promising Young Woman / Les September de Chicago

Best Actress in a Drama Movie

Viola Davis (Le Blues de Ma Rainey) / Andra Day (Billy Holiday, A State Affair) / Vanessa Kirby (Parts of a Woman) / Frances McDormand (Nomadland) / Carrie Mulligan (Young Women Offering)

Best Actor in a Drama Movie

Reese Ahmed (Sound of Metal) / Chadwick Bosman (Le Blues de Ma Rainey) / Anthony Hopkins (Father) / Gary Oldman (Monk) / Tahar Rahim (Convict’s Name)

Best comic or musical film

Borat 2 / Hamilton / Palm Springs / Music / Prom

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Film

Maria Bakalova (Borat 2) / Kate Hudson (music) / Michelle Pfeiffer (French exit) / Rosamond Pike (I care a lot) / Ania Taylor-Joy (Emma)

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Film

Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat 2) / James Corden (The Prom) / Lynn-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) / Dev Patel (David Copperfield Personal History) / Andy Samburg (Palm Springs)

Best animated film

The Croods 2: A New Age (Universal Pictures) / Forward (Walt Disney Pictures) / Travel to the Moon (Netflix) / Soul (Walt Disney Pictures) / Wolf People (Cartoon Salon)

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Best Foreign Language Film

Drunk / La Lorona / The Life Ahead / Minari / Dukes

Best Supporting Actress

Glenn Klose (Hillbilly Elegy) / Bolivia Coleman (Father) / Jodi Foster (Design: Coupable) / Amanda Seyfried (Monk) / Helena Sengal (World News)

Best Supporting Actor

Sacha Baron Cohen (Les Sept de Chicago) / Daniel Caloya (Jude and the Black Messiah) / Jared Leto (The Little Things) / Bill Murray (On The Rocks) / Leslie Odom, Jr. (A Night in Miami)

Best Director

Emerald Fennel, Young Woman / David Fincher, Monk / Regina King, A Night in Miami / Aaron Sorkin, Les Sept de Chicago / Clos Shaw, Nomadland

Best screenplay for a movie

Young Woman / Monk / Les September de Chicago / Father / Nomad‌land Offers

Excellent original soundtrack

Midnight Sky – Alexander Desplat / Tennet – Ludwig Goronson / News of the World – James Newton Howard / Monk – Trent Resnor, Atticus Rose / Soul – Trent Resner, Atticus Rose, John Batiste

Best Original Song

You Fight For You “tiré de” Judas Is The Black Messiah “- HER, Dernst Emile II, Tiara Thomas /” Hear My Voice “tiré de” Les Sep de Chic “- Daniel Pemberton, Celeste /” Io Si (Seen) “tiré de” The Life Ahead “- Diane Warren, Laura Pausini, Nicola Aguilardi /” Speak Now “tiré de” A Night in Miami “- Leslie Odom Jr., Sam Ashworth /” Tigers & Tweed “tiré de” Billy Holiday d’état “

Name more female directors

Last year, the Globes, a group of about 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, came under fire for insulting women in the “Best Director” category for a film as a whole.

Chloe Shaw, Emerald Fennel, and Regina King (“A Night in Miami”) washed away the humiliation this year, so with David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin, who make up the majority in this category.

The Golden Globes are one of the most prestigious awards in American cinema: They are an important indicator of films and actors that have a good chance of winning an Oscar-winning golden statue..

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Series: Nominated

Best Drama Series

“Crown” “lovecraft country” “mandalorian” “osark” https: // www .lunion .fr / “Ratchad”

Best Actress in a Drama Series

Bolivia Coleman (“crown”) / Jodie Comer (“Killing Eve”) / Emma Corinne (“crown”) / Laura Lynn (“Osark”) / Sarah Paulson (“Rachard”)

Best Actor in a Drama Series

Jason Batman (“Osark”) / Josh O’Connor (“Crown”) / Bob Odenkirk (“Bell Coles Saul”) / Al Pasino (“The Hunters”) / Matthew Rice (“Perry Mason”)

Best comedy or musical series

“Emily in Paris” “Flight Attendant” “The Great” “Shit’s Creek” https: //”Ted Lasso “

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series

Lily Collins (“Emily in Paris”) / Kali Cuco (“Flight Attendant”) / Elle Fanning (“The Great”) / Jane Levy (“Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist”) / Catherine O’Hara (“Shit’s Creek”)

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Series

Don Cheddal (“Black Monday”) / Nicholas Holt (“The Great”) / Eugene Levy (“Shit’s Creek”) / Jason Sudekis (“Ted Lasso”) / Rami Youssef (“Rami”)

Best Mini-Series or Best TV Movie

“Ordinary people” “Le Ju de la Dam” “Little Ax” “Undo” https: // “Ana Dyogika”

Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Cate Blanchett (“Mrs. America”) / Daisy Edgar-Jones (“Ordinary People”) / Shira Haas (“Ordinary”) / Nicole Kidman (“Reversal”) / Ania Taylor-Joy (“Le Ju de la Dam”) )

Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Brian Cranston (“Your Honor”) / Jeff Daniels (“Comedy Rule”) / Hugh Grant (“Reversing”) / Ethan Hawke (“The Good Lord Bird”) / Mark Rufallo (“I Know It’s Very Right”)

Best Supporting Actress in a Television Movie or Series

Gillian Anderson (“The Crown”) / Helena Bonham Carter (“The Crown”) / Julia Garner (“Osark”) / Anne Murphy (“Shit’s Creek”) / Cynthia Nixon (“Rachad”)

Best Supporting Actor in a Television Movie or Series

John Boyega (“Small Ax”) / Brendan Gleeson (“Comedy Rule”) / Dan Levy (“Shit’s Creek”) / Jim Parsons (“Hollywood”) / Donald Sutherland (“The Restoration”)

The crown has been nominated six times

For the most part, The Crown stands out. The fourth season of the show focused on the life of Queen Elizabeth: The arrival of Diana in the royal family and the arrival of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. The series received 6 nominations in 4 different categories. Emma Corinne, who is notable for her role as Diana, is one of the most famous.

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The other assignments are not surprising. In 2020, the series (which is secret in France) ended in apotheosis six seasons after Shitz Creek. Dan Levy (director and actor) claims to have been nominated for Best Comedy Series for his role as Best Actor in a Comedy Series. By 2020, the series had won six of the Emmy Awards.

No wonder, Best Irish Ministries Normal People Nomination (Our favorite 2020). However, we are surprised not to see Paul Meskel in the “Best Actor” category, and his performance in this series is outrageous. Take a look at the names of Osark, The Mandalorian, The Queen’s Gambit or Zoe’s Unusual Playlist in one or more categories (we are not saying they are all listed in our favorite 2020 series, but we had a great nose.).

However, some meetings attract attention and surprise. Despite Emily’s victory over Paris on Netflix, the series was largely ridiculed. If this is an easy pastime to watch, It’s hard to understand how she could find a name in the best comic series category, With Shit Creek or Flight Attendant. This also applies to Ratchadin, who can mainly forget.

We also wonder about the lack of a series like West World, whose third season was a real success. Or the HBO mini-series May Eye Destroy U was a real hit in the face last year.

It is imperative to wait for the ceremony scheduled for February 28 and featuring Tina Faye and Amy Pohler.

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