NBA: Entered Pöltl Display

NBA: Entered Pöltl Display

New Spurs lost to New Orleans in April and lost the playoffs for the third year in a row. “I’m not crying after that,” Polt said when asked about the ongoing postseason, which should not be followed from afar. A play-off participation would have been pretty good surprisingly, with the 2.16m center further expanding not surprisingly, he has distinguished himself as a top player.

“I am satisfied with my personal performance. It was another step in the right direction, but I want to improve, “said Portal, who has set a number of personal bests in his sixth season: 13.5 points, 9.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 29 minutes of playing time – that has never been the case. Well average for his future. He looks good. “I want to stay in San Antonio, but no business is new to me. I’m not worried, I think I can reach out to other teams in the NBA.”

“I was in business negotiations”

Polt has long made a name for himself in the NBA, with only two players surpassing his 3.9 offensive rebounds per game. Of the 1.7 blocks, it ranked in the top five in another category. “I have a lot to improve on. It’s also about becoming more flexible, “Paul says with ambition. He’s been an important part of Spurs for a long time, but his strengths have made him interesting to other teams. In the winter, his name rose around the trade timeline.” He is one of the lowest paid people in the world.

GEPA / Edgar Eisner

Once a year, Polt answers questions from the Austrian media in Vienna

Paul is still under contract with Spurs for a year, with another deal that could move him from Toronto to San Antonio in 2018, with an early contract extension possible in the near future. “I’m not thinking much about it right now,” Paul said, adding that he would increase his salary by 2023. The Viennese still seem to be at home in Texas, saying, “I’ll get a lot of minutes and confidence, and that’s how I like to play basketball. I do not want to make fun of a few million people.

The current stage of being a five-time NBA champion could be better. “It’s normal to be in the midfield in the NBA,” Pault said. “This year has focused on developing and gaining experience with the youth team, for example in the case of the play-in.” Expectations are in the superstar on the sidelines of legendary coach Greg Popovich. “I think he will continue, maybe for a few more years. He still has energy, ”said Polt, the 73-year-old champion who chose the Golden State Warriors as his favorite this year.

Highlight throw: “Even the pop made a joke”

Apparently, this is not to be enjoyed. After this season’s highlight throw, Paul, a half-time buzzer beater from the midfield, was also the talk of the Spurs dressing room in the days that followed. “Pop” even made a joke, “Polt smiled, and he liked to tell jokes.” I knew he was going inside. “

Perhaps soon there will be Austrian additions to the NBA, with Wാർrlberger hoping Luka Brajkovic will be drafted. “He’s talented,” Paul says, “but a team needs luck and confidence.” In another U.S. sport, Bernard Rayman is the newcomer to the Indianapolis Colts football team. “It would be nice to develop something here as well.”

Although he still has a long way to go before his luggage arrives on Tuesday, Portal is happy to be back in Austria in a few weeks. The humble local athlete has little interest in material things. “The best thing is to see friends and family.” After a two-year pandemic hiatus, this year, Jacob Polt Camp for eight- to 14-year-olds returned to the program. “I’m looking forward to the camp again. I want to have fun with the kids and teach them something.

The national team is more likely than the Octoberfest

The Austrian Basketball Association (ÖBV) can also expect Polt to return to the national team. “This is definitely a problem.” As the first round of pre-qualification for the 2025 EM Finals draws to a close, the Salzburg ÖBV men will still face Ireland (June 30) and Cyprus (July 3). “It feels good,” Pault commented. Details regarding his insurance are yet to be clarified, but Spurs and the NBA have offered support.

Portal wants to strengthen the national team

Basketball exporter Jacob Polt is visiting Vienna after his sixth NBA season. But there is no more time to rest, as Portal wants to strengthen the national team again this year after a gap of four years.

Until then, Paul continues to practice and enjoy his time in Vienna where more and more people recognize him. “A little more every year, but not comparable to San Antonio.” On the one hand, it does not bother him, on the other hand, sports preferences are elsewhere. Pöltl takes it easy, and the hardships of the NBA season. Due to his overseas development, he had to wait with a project because “I always wanted to go to Oktoberfest”.

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