NBA Basketball – LeBron James screams in pain – Sports

NBA Basketball - LeBron James screams in pain - Sports

Basketball, NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers around German national player Dennis Schroeder caught a used day in North America and missed LeBron James and the home game against the Atlanta Hawks. 94:99 In bankruptcy, the 36-year-old retired early with an ankle injury. In the fight for the ball, opponent Solomon Hill fell on James’ right leg, screaming in MVP pain four times and crawling off the field. After a while he was able to get out of the hall and angrily knocked on a chair.

“I’ll be back as soon as possible,” James later wrote on Twitter: “My teammates are not bothering me more than they’ve been there. I have pain inside and out. The way back is starting now. I’ll never be back soon.” Showed mixed performance. The 27-year-old, who played his first five NBA seasons in the Hawks jersey from 2013 to 2018, hit just four of his 15 throws off the field and scored 16 points. In addition, the Brunswick native made six sales.

Football, FC Bayern: Hansie Flick’s departure this season and the chance to make a Bayern coach his national coach have once again turned down club boss Carl-Heinz Rumanige. “It has nothing to do with probability. It’s a fact,” Rumanige said World Sunday. “We are well advised to complete the things we agreed to under the contract. I have communicated this with Hansi indefinitely.” He recorded it “professionally.” “I have a good and calm relationship with him,” said the 65-year-old CEO of the German record champions. Following the announcement of the resignation of national coach Joaquim Low after the EM this summer, in light of the ulation rumors about the future of Flick, which could be traded as a possible successor, Romani had previously said that Bayern would go insane if they took over, allowing the coach to leave prematurely.

Flick has a contract with the company in Munich that will not expire until the middle of 2023. The 56-year-old coach recently said he wants to focus on his duties at FC Bayern. However, Lowe’s former aide clearly did not reject an engagement as national coach over the summer. Flick said he had recently resolved his differences with Bayern’s sports director Hassan Salihamidzi. “FC Bayern is a big family. Everything that happens in the family has to be abandoned in the family,” Romney said. “That’s exactly how they behaved. I think it’s amazing that they both agreed and ended it. It’s like FC Bayern.

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Tennis, Men: Alexander Sverrev wins tennis tournament in Acapulco. The 23-year-old from Hamburg defeated first-ranked Greek Stephanos Tsitsipas 6: 4, 7: 6 (7: 3) in the final on Saturday (local time). For the fourteenth final win of his career on the ATP Tour, Sverre needed two hours and 17 minutes to play. At the $ 1.2 million hard court event in Mexico, the current best German tennis player remained without losing a single set in every game. This is Sverre’s second victory in the seventh match in the battle with Tsitsipas.

Soccer: Behavior like a sportsman and the following punishment for Gladbach’s U23 coach Haiko Vogel caused great frustration and disappointment among German professional footballers. On Saturday morning, players in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 published an open letter to the German Football Association (DFB) complaining about Vogel’s verbal behavior and associated penalties against two West German Football Association (WDFV) assistant referees.

“This ruling discriminates against all women in sports, especially football.” It says in the letter, Published by DFB Captain Alexandra Pope and Other Players. As a rule, Vogue was to lead six training units for a women’s or girls team over the summer. Vogel’s behavior, which Gladbach’s manager Max Eber called “certainly a mistake”, was “far more unsupportive, but insulting and discriminatory” in the eyes of the players. Addressing the DFB directly, he said: “As the highest institution in German football, we urge you to take a stand and take action.”

DnFB and Vice President Hannelor Ratzeberg also responded to the letter shortly after. “I can understand the anger of the players and the way they make their voices heard in public,” Ratzeberg wrote. He said the order to coach a women’s team as part of the punishment was incomprehensible.

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The DFB wrote that they had been in an exchange with the WDFV for some time. Its presidium has already ordered a “review of the verdict”. The arrangement of the WDFV Presidium edition (six units with women’s teams) is seen as “critical”. Vice President Gundolf Walaszewski called for a full processing and scrutiny of the events of the Regional League game at the end of January.

Gladback manager Eberl had on Friday made an unsolicited comment on the matter. For Eber, the penalty is a two-game suspension, a penalty from the association, and a “top” penalty for the club – training sessions are not part of the penalty. “Haiko definitely made a mistake. What he said was inappropriate. We at the club do not approve of this,” Abel said. During the discussion, Vogel himself promised to lead the units of the women’s teams.

Biathlon, Sprint: In the final game of the season, biathlete Eric Lesser surrendered to a podium due to two errors in the final shooting. The 32-year-old from Thuringia finished fifth in Saturday’s match in Osterland, Sweden, and showed strong run in the 2019 World Cup routes. Lesser finished 33rd in the competition, and fought without making mistakes through all three shooting competitions. The former world champions are just 24 seconds short of third place. Norwegian Sterla Home LaGrade (2 errors) are ahead of their winner, Johannes Thingnes Bay. It will be decided only on Sunday (3:30 pm / ARD, Eurosport) at the beginning of the last mass. Italian Lucas Hoffer (4) followed. The second best DSV school hunter was Roman Reese (4) at 18 and Philip Navarath (4) at 26.

In biathletes, Francesca Prue was ranked sixth as the best German. After four shooting errors, the Bavarian beat Norwegian Mart Olsbu Riseland (4 errors) in 2: 05.9 minutes to finish in Ostersound, Sweden. Second place went to World Cup winner Tiril Ekof (Norway / 4) and Hannah Solo (Belarus / 5). Twelfth-ranked DSV School Hunter Janina Hettich (5) and Vanessa Hines (4) also finished in the top 20 in the top 19. Denise Herman (6) finished 34th to third after the second shootout. However, Saxon threw four penalties in the first half. The 32-year-old, who is the world champion in this discipline at the same venue in 2019, should be satisfied with 28th place. World Cup newcomer Vanessa Voight (3) put in a strong performance, advancing from 57th to 25th and collecting points for the first time. At the end of a long winter, Sunday begins en masse for women (1 pm / ARD, Eurosport).

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National Player Deployment, Football: There has been a new movement in releasing football professionals ahead of the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. With the removal of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland from the Robert Coach Institute’s (RKI) list of virus variant areas, many players from German clubs will be able to compete in former risk zones for their former teams. Until the announcement of the new RKI rating, many clubs had banned their players from traveling to games in the United Kingdom and the Irish Islands, as they were subject to the relevant shipping ban upon return to Germany.

Bayern Munich’s Polish world footballer Robert Lewandowski now has the opportunity to play in England, along with his teammate Chrystof Piatte from Hertha BSC. Lewandowski’s club teammate David Alaba could play for Austria in Scotland, with his national team – mate VFB Sattagart ‘s Sasa Kalajji getting permission on Saturday. For Austrians, the use of Borussia Manchengladbach’s pair of Stefan Leiner and Valentino Lazaro is also possible. Norway now believe Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Holland will be allowed to play for Scandinavian players in the match in Gibraltar. Bundesliga professionals are options for the Czech Republic in the game in Wales.

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