Navalny was arrested shortly after arriving in Moscow 5 months after consuming the poison: “This is my house, I’m not afraid”. Biden, EU leaders: “He must be released.”

Navalny was arrested shortly after arriving in Moscow 5 months after consuming the poison: "This is my house, I'm not afraid".  Biden, EU leaders: "He must be released."

Time to complete the route from Flight Ladder to Passport Control e Alexei NavalnyPolice arrested a man who returned home after consuming poison in AugustAirport Of Sheremetivo Of Moscow. The wife kissed him, then the most well-known adversary Vladimir Putin He was stopped by officers from the Operations Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service. R formally, as the Russian prison service explains, Navalny was sentenced to a suspended sentence, but has been on the list since December 29, requiring multiple violations during the trial period. “I who You can rest assured that I am happy, This is my houseJust before his arrest, Navalny spoke to reporters at Terminal D.Moscow Airport, After getting off the shuttle bus. “Everyone asks me: Are you scared? No, I’m not afraid. I pass the rituals with a calm spirit, after which I go home I know I’re right I urge you not to be afraid. Navalny then went to passport control, where he was stopped by police.

“He will now be remanded in custody pending a court decision.” It carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison. “It’s all artistically made, and the Strasbourg court has already agreed with me,” Navalny said in Terminal D. However, the parents complain that the lawyer was not able to accompany him after the arrest and now he is not so and knows where it is. Of course, now the game is, if possible, getting tougher, not only for him, but also for the Kremlin, which strengthens the consensus. Crusade against corruption. “I am very grateful to all of you. They are afraid of Alexei, they stopped almost all Moscow flights tonight because someone had returned to their home country, ”Yulia said after passport control. “The most important thing today is what Alexi said: do not be afraid“.

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A few hours later the international community demanded his immediate release: the most authoritative voice was that of the President of the United States of America. Joe Biden. “Navalny should be released immediately,” said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau Jake Sullivan “Those responsible for the shameful attack on his life should be prosecuted.” “The Kremlin’s attack on Navalny is not just a violation,” Sullivan added Human rights And an insult to the Russian people who want their voices heard. ” Charles Michael, President of the Council of the European Union, also spoke.Is unacceptable“Request for release comes from the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli: The arrest of Alexei # Navalny in Moscow is a crime against the international community and Europe, which helped save his life. We urge the Russian authorities to release him immediately. We are ready to invite him to the European Parliament as soon as possible. “

Italian politics is also heating up the issue (more to come). The foreign minister is demanding his release Luigi de Mayo: “Navalny’s arrest in Russia is a very serious matter. We demand his immediate release. We hope your rights are respected. ” Formerly Minister of European Affairs Enzo Amendola To quote a fourth-century Athenian historian, Thucydides: “Surely the brave have a clear vision of what awaits them, glory and danger, yet they face it.” Minister of Defense Lorenzo Gurini Retweeted a statement from the European Union’s High Representative on Foreign Policy Joseph Borel: Russian authorities must respect the rights of Alexei Navalny and release him immediately. There Politicization Dell ‘Judicial system Is Is unacceptable“.The P.D. Spoke directly through the secretary’s mouth Nicola Singaretti: “Navalny is a brave man. The world It is free and democratic Should be by his side. The Government AndEuropean Union Take action for his release and guarantee his rights “.

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Five months after the poisoning, Navalny’s day ended in a very familiar way to the Russian rival prince, who is now confidently going home and abroad. However, the day may turn into a field depending on how the situation develops in the coming days. On the plane Success (Success, in Russian) Berlin Alexi and wife Yulia There were dozens of journalists broadcasting every episode of the most famous couple on the Russian web live. “Boy, bring us vodka: we’m going home”, Yulia started before taking off in a video posted on her husband’s Instagram (over 2 million views in a few hours). Waiting for them, a Vnukovo, A large group of supporters – about 300 people – and a good group of colleagues and friends (including his brother Oleg).

Authorities had warned that a “circus” would not be tolerated at the arriving terminal. Police began rioting Remove supporters and media – ‘Fascists! ‘The mob shouted – then he threw the most famous faces of Navalny’s attendants (including the lawyer). Libov Sobol, And Oleg himself). Everything is according to the NGO OVDinfo, At least 60 people There was Stopping Police. But as an unresolved grip, it really is തമ്പടിച്ചു Someone outside the terminal (daring -25 degrees of a polar evening) decided to simplify their life. Navalny was asked to land the flight Sheremetivo. I realized that something was boiling in the pot The strange path of the jet Described by a popular tracking site Flightdar24. The landing phase was watched by over 500 thousand users and FlightRadar24 tweeted Screenshot For the unbelievable (these are large numbers).

Waiting for passengers, not fingers, shuttle bus. Alexei, Yulia, and a group of reporters went to Terminal D, where they first arrived, where Navalny held a kind of pre-press conference, a few steps from the border. The plot unfolded within the expected moments when police officers were in possession Trapped To controls.

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