Navalny case: Moscow expels three European diplomats, surrenders German ambassador –

Navalny case: Moscow expels three European diplomats, surrenders German ambassador -

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– The whole diplomatic-political crisis, the most serious since the occupation of Crimea in 2014, caused by the case Alexei Navalny Between Russia and the European Union. Moscow yesterday expelled three diplomats from Germany, Sweden and Poland for alleged involvement. To demonstrations in favor of the liberation of the rebels, Last Tuesday sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison.

It was a more emotional and humiliating decision, as Joseph Borrell, the European Union’s top foreign policy envoy, announced during Navalny’s release in the Russian capital. In a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Borrell expressed European concerns about the fate of his opponent and renewed his request to investigate his poisoning, which took place in Siberia last summer and was planned by Russian services. Questions ignored by the Kremlin’s diplomatic chief accused the EU of “abusing human rights” and being an “unreliable partner” at the press conference.

The reactions of the European Chancellors were immediate. Angela Merkel described the expulsion as “completely unjustified and another violation of the rule of law in Russia”. The Russian ambassador to Berlin was summonedMinistry of External Affairs, For the notice of a protest note. French President Emmanuel Macron, after a video conference with the Chancellor, strongly condemned the expulsion and expressed full solidarity with Berlin, Stockholm and Warsaw. The criminals came from Sweden and Poland, and they both summoned the Russian delegation to the respective capitals. In connection with what is happening in Moscow, Germany, Merkel spoke with European allies about the “right to impose new sanctions, especially against individuals.” The Chancellor repeated “this moment” in spite of Macron’s urges Germany does not change its position on Nord Stream 2, The completion of the Russian-German gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, several EU countries, including the US and France, want to cancel. After all, Berlin thinks this is a commercial project. However, Merkel was the first to acknowledge that Nord Stream 2 “has political implications and plays a major role in the Atlantic Ocean.” “Despite all the differences – it is strategically appropriate to keep in touch with Russia on a number of geostrategic issues.”

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Meanwhile, Alexis Navalny returned to a judge for another case alleging that he had insulted a WWI veteran who had participated in a promotional video. Many voices in favor of Putin’s re-appointment after 2024. Navalny described the heroes in the video as “traitors and looters.” The hearing was adjourned to February 12.

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