“Naturopathy is a science of health, not tea or medicine.”

"Naturopathy is a science of health, not tea or medicine."

Naturopathy Lelia Ornelus found her job in the healthcare sector a few years ago after choosing marketing at the university. On his return to university he decided to pursue naturopathy. Lelia Ornelus spoke to O’Malley about the definition of naturopathy and the works and products it presents, as well as choosing Almerim to install her practice.

There are those who are ignorant about naturopathy. What is naturopathy?
Naturopathy is not a tea or a mess, but a holistic human science that combines natural, traditional and modern therapies with scientific medicine. Its main goal is to promote patients with the lowest risk, most effective health care, wellness, treatment and disease prevention.

What products and treatments do you present and implement in your naturopathy consultations?
The naturopath is compared to the average practitioner because he knows little about all the natural, traditional and modern therapies. This is the advantage of a naturopath because he has a lot of medical equipment.
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What are the principles and goals of naturopathy?
The goal of naturopathy is to identify the primary cause of illness or imbalance, encourage the body to heal itself, and provide appropriate stimulation and support.
Naturopathy is governed by 6 principles:
1. The healing power and vital force of nature;
2. Identify and treat the causes;
3. Consider the patient as a whole;
4. Focus on defense;
6. Damage does not occur after all.

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“(…) It is also used as a preventive treatment so the body will remain at homeostasis”

Why set up an office in Almerim? First, since I moved from the city to the countryside, here in Almerim Municipality, and then offering a natural medicine with a certified health professional is relatively small in many parts of the country, I believe everyone should have access. This type of therapy to achieve a higher quality of life.

How did you feel about being received and welcomed by the people of Almerin?
I am very happy to be here because it is a much calmer atmosphere. The people are extremely kind and generous.

In your opinion, how can naturopathy help people?
Naturopathy helps people achieve a better quality of life because naturopathy finds and treats the cause of the disease, not just the symptoms. Consider the individual as a whole; It takes into account the emotional, mental and spiritual side as well, allowing people to achieve better mental health. I develop a personal and objective plan for the patient to achieve their health goals. This is a safe treatment, and there are not many contraindications. At consultations, patients purchase equipment to better care for themselves. Naturopathy is used not only as a healing treatment but also as a preventive treatment, so that the body remains in homeostasis, i.e., in a state of total internal balance that does not allow disease to occur.

What are your hopes and desires for the future?
My hope is that naturopathy will be better known and spread in order to reach more people so that they can enjoy it and achieve better physical and mental well-being. Every family should have a naturopath! I want to live in better health so that I can help as many people as I can.

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