Nature and safety, Ireland’s suggestions for summer – in the world

Nature and safety, Ireland's suggestions for summer - in the world

DUBLIN – Ireland is gearing up to welcome travelers next summer, with a focus on safety, sustainability and new nature trips from coast to hinterland. Among tourist proposals, the country allows for the birth of new hotels and the discovery of well-known destinations, away from the usual tourist routes, as well as the cultural offers of cities such as the Molly Literature Museum and the Epic Immigration Museum in Dublin. It also highlights sustainable tourism experiences, including land conservation projects, clean energy-powered carbon neutral hotels, and Michelin green star restaurants, providing eco-sustainable gastronomically committed facilities and a greener approach. Ireland, a regular presence of Italian tourists every year, is an ideal destination for safe and long-distance travel: valleys and rivers surrounded by lakes, rivers and jungles create a perfect setting for gymnasiums, green or outdoor activities, and lots of greenery. Suggestions.
Under the DoDoor instructions, Greenways stands apart and recovers bicycle lanes from old railway lines. The Waterford Greenway, which runs through the ancient eastern regions of Ireland, will add this summer to the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way – Great Southern Greenway from Mullingar to Athlon Greenway, Great Western Greenway, and Westport to Achilles Island. 39 km cycle route between the cities of West Limerick, Ratkel, County Limerick, Newcastle West and Abyssinia. The Great Western Greenway will also extend 35 miles to Balicasil in North Mayo. In addition, there will be a new Velo Rail project that will allow you to travel up to 12 kilometers on small, pedal-mounted vehicles attached to the tracks on the unused railway line between Kiltimag and Swinford.
Blueways, canoeing routes, and finding Irish navigable water by bike (on foot) are also fun. This year’s innovations include the birth of the Royal Canal Greenway, a footpath through the historic canal: a 130-kilometer stretch from Maynouth to Clundara in Longford, touching Enfield and Mullingar. The Beara Briefway, a historic route taken by O’Sullivan Beara in 1603 for the independence of Ireland, can also be enjoyed by trekkers. Today, it is the longest route in the country, traveling 500 km in 12 stages. Walking through Cavan Burn Park is the shortest of five trails that traverse the prehistoric area, which was born 340 million years ago.
Irish lighthouses located in isolated places respond well to the requirements of safety and distance: they can accommodate up to 14 mechanics, providing an instructive experience. Along with the Wild Atlantic Way of the Loophead, Clare and the Fanad Head of Donegal offer dolphin and whale watching sites. The Claire Island lighthouse has been transformed into an attractive B&B. On foot or by bike on a small island. However, a boat ride is required to visit the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, 3.5 miles from Cape Clear Island in County Cork: it has the nickname “Tears of Ireland” because it was the last Irish structure to see immigrants on their way to the United States. The Wicklow Lighthouse on the east coast is the most athletic lighthouse: to reach it, you have to climb 109 steps.
There are also many tourist innovations that offer the so-called “giant of the spirit” of Northern Ireland, where innovation goes hand in hand with tradition: from the dazzling cliffs of Fairhead to the futuristic Titanic Museum you instantly pass into the cosmopolitan efficiency of Belfast. , From the lust of the Giants Causeway to the ancient walls of London Dairy. You can sleep in the ancient stone tower Helens Tower, or choose the Sleeve Donard Hotel & Spa, one of the best hotels in Ireland with a Wellness Center born in 1897. An arrangement that suits you can be immersed in the gardens of Hillsborough Castle. Play golf for the British royal family’s stay, or at Golf Digest’s best Royal County in the world. Also try restaurants with 3 Michelin stars or have a bug in the pub with local customers. There are so many experiences to get to know the country and its inhabitants so well: In Belfast you visit the Museum in the City Jail for 150 years from a street art tour; From the gin school of the new Wild Atlantic distillery in Agaran, Tyrone, County County, to one of the company’s distilleries to cooking classes at the Wee Buns Cookery School, not far from the village of Moi. In Morne, one of the most beautiful mountains in Northern Ireland, mountain bike riders can count on Bike Morne Tours, including electric bikes, and take you on the 90 km, 19 km, 19 km, Castlewell, MTB Trail Center or 28 km route around the Morne Coastal Route. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Polygraphene Horse Farm in the quiet countryside of Comber, a town overlooking the beautiful Strongford Loughford. At the activity center you can go out by canoe or kayak or sunbathe or go out with a coaster, which leads to mountaineering and diving from the slopes. Finally, in the medieval Diocese, a permanent exhibition of the Patron Saint of Ireland is presented at the St. Patrick’s Visitor Center, a 35 – minute drive from Belfast. The center also organizes guided tours along the path of St. Patrick: it measures 132 km and divides into 6 or 10 stages, going from Armag to Downpatrick, burying the saint according to tradition. You will walk through the beautiful landscapes that also appeared in the popular TV series Game of Thrones.
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