Natural Gas: What does the second LNG station in Alexandropolis mean for Greece?

Natural Gas: What does the second LNG station in Alexandropolis mean for Greece?

The next day, the Greek government’s strategy aims to give Greece a leading role in the aftermath of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. To make the country an LNG import hub.

Is the plan Using US funds to build infrastructure It will host American LNG and at the same time develop a strategy for it Greece to become a source of gas intrusion from the eastern Mediterranean and to supply to the Balkans and Europe Ensures its energy security.

Second Floating Station in Alexandropolis

The announcement of the second floating LNG gasification station was made yesterday Kyriakos Mitsotakis Speaking at the Plenary Session of Parliament and following the relevant announcement of GasTrade, it submitted yesterday the application to the Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) for a new Independent Gas System License (ASFA).

New project, “ASFA Thrace”It will contain a floating storage & gasification unit (FSRU) that will be developed in the Thracian Sea off Alexandropolis.

According to the company’s relevant announcement, the second FSRU will have a storage capacity of 170,000 square meters. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) as in the first. It can distribute up to 22.7 million square meters. 5.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas per day. Every year.

The project will also include a land and submarine pipeline system connecting the FSRU with existing gas pipelines in the area.

The project will improve energy security, diversification of sources and gas supply routes throughout Greece and the whole of Southeastern Europe. Any risk of power outage will be significantly reduced.

GasTrade is the first Greek company to receive an ASFA license for the “Alexandropolis LNG Terminal” project, the final investment decision for which was recently made and is currently being implemented. With the goal of working by the end of next year. The project is included in the NSRF Action Plan “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020”.

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Gas Trade shareholders 20% each to Mrs. Elmina Kopelosou (Founder Shareholder), Gaslog Cyprus Investment Limited, DEPA Emporias SA, Bulgartransgaz EAD and DESFA SA.

Electrical connection with Egypt

In addition to LNG, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also mentioned the power connection with Egypt. As he claimed, Now the de-lignification process acquires geopolitical characteristics. “We need rapid RES infiltration, we want to reduce our dependence on Russian gas, but We will need gas in the coming decades, so we will import more LNGFor that I talked about the second station in Alexandropolis.

“We are in talks with Egypt and will consider all alternative routes,” he said East Med“As long as it is sustainable,” he commented. In the short term, the fastest way is via LNG from Egypt, the Prime Minister stressed.

In addition to gas, a major infrastructure project promoting electricity interaction with Egypt To import cheap electricity. Any relationship with Egypt will be “trampled” on the international agreement in the EEZ.

The first in 2023 FSRU Alexandropolis

Construction will begin in the summer with the aim of operating the first FSRU Alexandroupolis in 2023. Contract gasification capacity is up to 50% of the technical capacity of 5.5 billion square meters. Per year.

Will be installed 17.6 km southwest of the city port Also includes:

  • “The FSRU (Floating Storage and Regeneration Unit LNG) has an LNG storage capacity of up to 170,000 cubic meters and an air capacity of 22.7 million cubic meters per day (8.3 billion kilometers per year), which is about 10 km off the coast of Alexandropolis and 10 km inland.
  • From a total of 28 km of pipeline system (24 km of submarine pipeline and 4 km of overland pipeline).
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