[Nations League 2022] Roud Léiwen continues at the foot of the volcano

[Nations League 2022] Roud Léiwen continues at the foot of the volcano

After beating Turkey, Luke Holtz’s men played a solid game in front of 9,374 spectators, tainted by two individual errors and a goalless draw (0-2).

Since this stadium is familiar not only with Ireland but also with Northern Ireland, it has not prepared anyone for a visit to Turkey and its satanic-sounding public, smoke bombs, songs, numerous streakers, and ultimately a great competitive atmosphere when it was only League C. Match a little more decisively than the others. Turkey wants to go up, Luxembourg does not want to go down. The first worked this Saturday evening to make sure he was back in League B at the end of the match, and the second took a great option to stay in motion for the previous two games.

However, not everyone is happy. Although we know that Turkey is the most beloved, we can not help but think that with a little more clarity we could have escaped the first period without falling behind on the Rode Leven score. Skylight (19th) grossed in the middle of Carlson’s midfield strike, with a very bad ball from Mr. Martins conceding a corner 40 meters from his goal. Hitting a distant post, he finds Soyunju’s head, which hits Barrero’s hand. Small cause, big consequence: Morris started from the right (0-1, 35th) but the penalty was converted by Çalhanoglu.

Morris, still very good

Yes, Morris hit a header into the package (10th) and had to lie down twice to get the attackers to the goal line (14, 29), but he spent a much quieter evening than expected so far.

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The biggest thing of the first period was the touchline line flag that exploded with a tackle from Demirel, and his replacement was the most legendary 45-minute public experience at Luxembourg Stadium, with Rode Leven generally proficient in their subject matter.

It will be more in the second period. With the Turks stopping the game, minimize the union and slowly begin to intimidate yourself. As Morris gets up too fast to face Dervizoglu close (51), Chanot comes to the rescue of Kadio Glue in the final second (66th), and behind him, Rowd Leeven begins to believe it when he steps on the ball. V. Thil’s pressing had already forced Kadioglu to score against his own team, but all three referees returned to error (69). There is this excellent cross from S. Thill, in which Gerson R. There is less than a few centimeters to retrieve a good header (72nd). It ends with Omosanya’s joint dumbing trying to get the ball out 30 yards from the goal and Carlson (0-2, 76) putting the ball back on Dursan’s leg after a poorly controlled cross. The gala match is still regrettable. The League of Nations follows and looks alike …

Julian Mollero

Luxembourg: Morris – m. Martins (81st Bonnert), Channott, Carlson, Pinto – c. Martins (62nd Omosanya), Barrero, Olesen (46th S. Thil), Sinani (81st L. Gerson), Borges (54th V. Thil) – Gerson R.

Turkey: –Akir – Çelik, Demiral, Söyünçü, Kadioglu (68th Aktürkoglu) – Toköz (81st Kutlu), Çalhanoglu (68th czcan), Ünder, Kökçü (46th Dursun), Sinogluik (6 Elogluik – Dervisuma).

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