National Education Labels 253 “Boarding Schools of Excellence” focusing on their region and community diversity

National Education Labels 253 "Boarding Schools of Excellence" focusing on their region and community diversity

When one encounters Claire, Joshua, and Anis, one never reads that they are one-day students and that they lack concentration, organization, or discipline. This internship group, which shows us around the Pierre-Cotton Vocational School in Noronte (Lower), has little to do with Epinephrine as a “problem” high school student.

Claire manages the arrival of the high school “compost” project and is preparing for an internship in Ireland in 2022. “To progress in English”. Anis, who joins an architecture school after his professional bachelor’s degree, is president of the Students’ Association, which for years has made it possible to buy puffs for the living room, coffee machine and game console. Joshua, a “boarding school representative”, describes his journey with his English teacher last year at Shoreditch, a street art center in London, with stars in his eyes.

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Their institution, “Old”, The CPE, to put it mildly, has joined the list “Boarding Schools of Excellence”, As part of the labeling wave, Secretary of State in charge of Priority Education Natalie Elymas announced to the National Education Minister at the end of May. The finalization of the “boarding plan” announced by Jean-Michel Blanker in July 2019 allowed 253 school boarding schools to apply and be labeled, adding to the 54 recipients in addition to the “recovery plan” – sometimes large envelopes for building or renovating the premises. Of the 222,812 nationwide, 35,000 boarding sites now benefit from this label.

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The personal interest of Jean-Michel Blanker has little to do with the “Boarding Schools of Excellence” initiated by Nicolas Sarkozy. They were symbolized by the boarding school of Sordon (Sean-et-Marne), which was started in 2009 in a former military barracks when the current education minister was the rector of Cretail. The “boarding schools” of 2021 are not the same as the boarding schools of yesteryear, and some of the symbols Samourdone wanted to use. To the point where you wonder what justifies labeling one over the other?

“Educational plan, team investment, area anchoring, and community integration goals are considered in labeling”, One person in Natalie Elymas’ cabinet explains. The goal is to bring students back to boarding school, which has only 79.6% of the space, up from 82.3% in 2015.

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