National Beach Soccer, Duke calls 20 players

National Beach Soccer, Duke calls 20 players

The Asuri They will then compete with the best in the continent to qualify for the finals of the European Championships. June 17 to 20: Top 12 teams competing in the European rankings (Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, France, Belarus, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Azerbaijan) 8 They will remove the pass for the final round of the European Championships to be held in Figura da Fossil (POR) from September 8 to 12.

Practically on the same days (June 17-19), Will walk Step Primary Of FIFA World Cup Qualifying Europe, Dedicated to national teams beyond the twelfth place in the European rankings. Ranked in the top 11 in the world (Azerbaijan, Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine – Russia have already qualified as hosts) and then the ballot box (draw tomorrow in Nazareth) divided into 4 groups – Italy, ranked second in the world, and seeded in Group B after Portugal). The battle to be won 4 places Available for the World Cup final (Moscow, August 19 to 29) starting on the 24th and ending on the 27th of June,

The departure of the Asura team in the morning from Pisa Airport is scheduled June 14. In three Announcements This last call: On Defender Joseph Jr. Gentiles, And two outsiders, Lorenzo Waglini and Simone Sailors, The brother of a senior Azuro and Stefano, was unable to attend the first internship last week due to an urgent personal commitment.

List of callers

Goalkeepers: Alessio Batini (Asd San Miniato Baso Calcio); Andrea Carpita (Asd Viareggio Calcio); Simone del Mestre; Stefano Spada (As Meldola);

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Defenders: Francesco Corosiniti (As Cersele Calcio), Joseph Jr. Gentilin, Alessandro Mascaro (As Zambias Lamesia 1923), Alessandro Michele (As Zambias Lamesia 1923);

Exteriors: Luka Adari (ASD FC Torion Calcio 1919), Alessio Frenetti (ASD Real Terrasina C5), Marco Giordani (ASD Ancio Calcio 1924), Simone Marinai (ASD Vioregio Calcio), Stefano Marieli (S) Hermada) Savaris (Asd Sabdia Calcio), Lionzo Waglini (ASDCalcio2016);

Forward: Gabriel Gori, Marcelo Persia Montani (NSD Promosport), Francesco Fabio Ciaka (As Calcio Biancavilla 1990), Emmanuel Surlo (As Cercel Calcio).

Staff: Head of Delegation, Ferdinando Arcopinto; Secretary Sabrina Filachion; Coach, Emiliano del Duca; Assistant Coach, Michelle Legissa; Goalkeepers coach, Antonio Nostio; Athletic trainer, Paulo Laroca; Doctors: Alvis Clarioni, Monica Fabri; Physiotherapists: Fabio Calindo, Paulo Tiberi

Dates of events

Qualifications Euro Beach Soccer League: Nazareth (Portugal), June 17 to 20;

The final stage of the European Championship, Figura da Foss (Portugal), September 8-12

Qualifications FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Europe: Nazari, June 24 to 27

Finals FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup: Moscow, August 19 to 29

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