Nasser Borita welcomes new ambassadors to South Africa, Ireland and Rwanda

Nasser Borita welcomes new ambassadors to South Africa, Ireland and Rwanda

On Thursday, January 14, Foreign Minister Nasser Borita was received by three new ambassadors. Copies of their credentials came to present him. They represent South Africa, Ibrahim Addris, Rwanda, Mrs. Saina Nairamatama, Ireland and Ralph Victory.

The diplomat chosen by the government of Cyril Ramaphosa has already served as Consul General in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In September 2020, he was appointed head of the embassy in Rabat. This is the first time since the re-establishment of relations with South Africa in the 1990s that it has agreed to raise its standards. Diplomatic Representation in Morocco as Ambassador.

As for Ireland, the name Ralph Victory confirms the information published by Yabiladi in September about the desire of this European country to open an embassy in Rabat in 2021.

Along with Rwanda, the appointment of Saina Niramatama is further evidence of the excellent relationship between Rabat and Kigali. Cheek Saleh Habimana, Rwanda’s first ambassador to Morocco, was replaced by a diplomat in July 2019.

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