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NASA’s ridiculous rover concept can hit any terrain – BGR

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  • NASA has unveiled one of its all-time incredible rover ideas.
  • The rover is called a dual axle, which is actually one or two rovers with one base station.
  • The rovers can anchor themselves apart from each other, allowing each other to explore areas that are difficult to reach safely.

NASA’s persistence rover is currently on its way to Mars. The high-tech machine is more capable than any other robot NASA has sent to the Red Planet to date, but it is similar to Curiosity, Opportunity, and others in NASA history. It’s a mobile platform for science, and it’s not built for the worst terrain that Mars promises.

In the future, rovers may have the potential for more impressive exploration skills New rover concept called Duaxel It is a glimpse into the future of planetary exploration. This is very impressive.

The Duaxel is a four-wheel-drive conventional, ground-like vehicle design rather than the six-wheel drive commonly found in NASA rover designs. It may initially seem less capable than its rivals, but Duaxel has several strategies to raise the sleeve, making it an incredible machine for exploring other planets.

The rover has a secret: Duaxel is actually two rovers in one. It is a pair of two-wheeled rovers connected to each other. Both small rovers are called axles – hence the dual axle naming scheme – which allows the rover (s) to be split and reach and search for different locations. A rover and central unit act as an anchor, and the two-wheeled axle boat explores deep slopes or dangerous areas.

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The boat explores, and if it is in trouble, a tether attached to each axle can be used as an escape rope, which helps to return it to the anchored unit. Tether provides power when exploring axle rovers. This is a very beautiful design and will allow you to explore and study the most remote areas of Mars, the Moon or other planets.

NASA recently tested the rover on some of the Earth’s extreme terrain, with its steep and rocky scales and ability to easily accomplish scientific goals.

“Duaxel has excelled in this area, successfully demonstrating its ability to approach and anchor challenging terrain and to unlock its tethered axle rover,” said Issa Nessnas of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Axle autonomized through steep and rocky slopes, deploying equipment without the need for a robotic arm. Duaxel opens access to more intense landscapes, such as Europa, the moon, Mars, Mercury, and the planetary moons. ”

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