NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft is returning to Earth

NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft is returning to Earth

News G Desk May 24, 2021, 16:05:13

Dhaka: NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft returns to Earth after completing work on the asteroid Bennu. It began its journey on Monday for the purpose of land. It will take 2 years for this robotic hope to come to Earth.

According to Dante Loretta, a scientist at the University of Arizona, the spacecraft can carry large pieces of rock, ranging from half a pound to 1 pound (200g, 400g). However, this may reduce its capacity. It is also capable of carrying an additional 2 cess (60 g). The largest specimen is a stone brought from the Apollo moon. NASA collected dust and air samples. This is the first time such a sample has been collected from an asteroid. Japan has twice previously collected samples from asteroids, but this has been relatively small. This is the first time so many samples have been collected.

NASA’s space shuttle from Bennu also collected a lot of images and information. The pictures were taken in the afternoon. The rock at Bennu was chosen so that it could be clearly raised without shadow.

Scientists hope to do more research on this sample. Scientists expect it to be based on samples taken from Bennu’s black, rough, carbon-rich surface. The asteroid is 1,600 meters wide and 4.5 billion years old. The asteroid Bennu orbits the Sun. The carbon-rich asteroid is 162 million miles (293 million km) from Earth. After reaching Earth, scientists will analyze the sample.

The Osiris Rex spacecraft is expected to land on Earth in 2023. This will allow scientists to learn more about how the planets in the Solar System formed.

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