NASA’s mini-helicopter trick lands on Mars and sends first photos

NASA's mini-helicopter trick lands on Mars and sends first photos

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NASAIn a statement on the website, IngenuityTwo color photographs showing the surface of Mars taken during the second flight on April 22 were shared.

The Ingenutti, which weighs 1.8 kilograms, flew at an altitude of 5.2 meters above the ground for 80 seconds and recorded the first images with a color camera.

On April 19, he successfully flew for a minute, making history as the “first plane to fly to another planet”.

Images of the first aircraft of ingenuity were transmitted to the world via satellite.

Since the density of Mars’ atmosphere is about 1 percent of that of Earth, NASA engineers used ultra-light materials to elevate it from Earth, and all four propellers, 123 cm long, rotated faster than needed on Earth.

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Ingenity, which built the third plane on April 25, shared that it will make its fourth flight later this week.

Vehicle with the latest technological features sent to Mars

Built at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and powered by plutonium fuel, the Sustainability spacecraft is one of the most technologically advanced.

The space agency has announced that it has spent $ 2.4 billion on infrastructure and $ 300 million to complete its new mission to the Red Planet.

Perseverance on March 6 made the first flock on Mars.

NASA sends its first photos of the mini-helicopter ingenuity downloaded to Marsa

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