NASA’s Mars Orbit captures the first dramatic view of a Chinese rover

NASA's Mars Orbit captures the first dramatic view of a Chinese rover
The Chinese Tianwen-1 landing module and the Surong landing module (point below) can be seen in this image from the Mars Reconnaissance orbit from June 6.


NASA / JPL and / or Arizona


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This is the Rover Festival on Mars. Curiosity and perseverance share the planet with the Chinese spacecraft Surong, and on June 6, NASA’s spacecraft reached orbit around the red planet Mars.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has already taken a great photo Curious comments A Dri mination determinationThis is the first sighting of Surong as part of the Tianwen-1 mission of the China National Space Agency (CNSA). Tianwen-1 includes an orbiter, lander and rover.

“What we interpret as a lander is surrounded by an explosion pattern. The rover is slightly south after landing on the spacecraft.” The MRO HiRise camera team at the University of Arizona said: In a statement on Thursday.

Surong landed in mid-MayChina became the second country to operate a rover on Mars. Compatible well with MRO image file A view from the Tianwen-1 orbit launched by CNSA Earlier this week.

Rover on the plains of Mars. “This picture shows that the terrain around Southern Utopia Planetia is very normal and has a smooth area without rocks,” the Highrise team said. “The clearest signs of curvature are the Aeolian (wind-own) terrain.”

In contrast to the constant distribution of generally available images from NASA, China released a few images from the Tianwen-1 mission. However, we saw several shots, including from the surface A view of Sorong’s wheelbases Still, if you come out of the May investigation.

The lack of images will disappoint space lovers, so NASA’s vision of Sorong’s adventure on the Red Planet is welcome in Tiananmen-1’s scattered image collection.

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