NASA’s Insight recorded a strong earthquake on Mars

NASA's Insight recorded a strong earthquake on Mars

NASA’s Insight recorded a strong earthquake on Mars

NASA’s Mars Insight probe has detected the largest earthquake ever seen on another planet: a 5 – magnitude earthquake in 2022. May 4, 1222 on Mars or Mission Sun. It completes the catalog of more than 1,313 earthquakes discovered by Insight since 2018. Landed on Tuesday, November. It was the largest earthquake ever recorded Estimated Amount 4.2 It was discovered in 2021. August 25

Insight was sent to Mars using an extremely sensitive seismometer provided by the French National Center for Space Studies (CNES) to study the planet’s inner depths. When seismic waves pass or are reflected in objects The crust, mantle, and core of MarsThey are changing the methods that seismologists can study to determine the depth and structure of these layers. Scientists studying the structure of Mars will help them better understand the structure of all rocks, including the Earth and the Moon.

The 5-magnitude quake was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake, but it’s far from what scientists expect to see on Mars during the Insight mission. The team needs to do more research to provide information on the location of the new earthquake, the nature of the source, and what we can say about the interior of Mars.

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