NASA wonders how this pervasive debris ended up there

NASA wonders how this pervasive debris ended up there

The landscape of Mars It is vast and desert. Yes, but it did not stop Rover The determination to come face to face with one of its own wreckage … This Monday, June 13, 2022, the rover actually took a photo showing an object shining between two rocks. An object without the origin of Mars!

It’s actually part of a jet heat shield PakWho has Stability was slowly deposited on the surface of Mars. This material is used to prevent overheating of the rover downhillAtmosphere Tuesday. If it is perfectly normal to find such debris at the landing siteFalling into it more than 2 km from the landing place is the most unexpected.

Its presence so far from the landing site has intrigued scientists NASA : This debris landed or was smuggled in while landing Ventilation The second time? Mystery. Finding such a remnant by chance in the middle of Mars’ infinity is, after all, a real fortune!

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