NASA warns of three magnitude asteroids in Taj Mahal

Photo of পৃথিবীর দিকে ধেয়ে আসছে তাজমহলের তিন গুণ বৃহদাকার ঝুঁকিপূর্ণ গ্রহাণু, জরুরি সতর্কতা NASA-র

A large asteroid is coming to Earth. NASA says it will be closer to Earth by July 25. Its shape is three times that of the Taj Mahal.

The asteroid is about 220 meters in diameter and is called ‘2008 GO20’. It will be close to Earth on July 25 at 3 a.m. Indian time. At that time, the distance from Earth to 2008 GO20 will be 4.8 million kilometers. It is 12 times the distance of the Moon from the Earth. However, astronomically speaking, the asteroid was considered to be the closest object to Earth at that time.

Astronomical measurements are very different from the measurements of our daily lives. In astronomy, any asteroid or other small solar system at a distance of 194 million kilometers from Earth is considered to be the closest object to Earth.

Although NASA has identified the space rock, the asteroid will pass through Earth’s orbit without hindrance. According to NASA, objects larger than 150 meters and 7.5 million kilometers from Earth are considered hazardous. NASA is closely monitoring all these dangerous objects. This is because they can be affected by the gravitational pull of a planet. As a result, their orbits may change. Once asteroids of this size enter the atmosphere, they will not be completely destroyed.

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