NASA showed the best photos of the Earth in 2020 – science and IT

NASA показало найкращі фото Землі за 2020 рік

Space Agency NASA Published 20 best picturesBuilt in 2020 by astronauts who have lived and worked on the International Space Station (ISS).

More details – On the YouTube channel NASA Johnson.

In November, the organization celebrated the 20th consecutive anniversary of man on the space station, which has so far housed 242 people and conducted more than 3,000 scientific experiments:

“Thousands of men and women living and working on the International Space Station take photos every year, and we asked people in the Johnson Space Center’s Earth Science and Remote Sensing Division to show their favorite 2020 photos,” the agency said. .

Here are some images provided by NASA:

Corsica and Sardinia: “Sunglasses reflect from the Mediterranean Sea. This photo, taken by an astronaut from the International Space Station looking south, highlights the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

Ottawa, Canada: “This photo was taken by an astronaut at the International Space Station on the outskirts of Ottawa with bright autumn colors.”


Cuba and the Bahamas: “In this photo taken by an astronaut inside the dome of the International Space Station, the clouds give the outline of the Caribbean islands.

Great Australian Bay

Night Paris

Remember that NASA will record the sounds of Mars with the new rover. According to experts, as soon as the device touches the surface of the planet, it will begin to record what is happening with the microphone. The space agency describes the recording device as a traditional serial microphone with special protection against dust.

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