NASA shared an amazing video of the new star under formation, and was amazed to see this

NASA ने शेयर किया अंतरिक्ष में बन रहे नए सितारे का अद्भुत नज़ारा, देखकर आप भी रह जाएंगे हैरान - देखें Video

NASA shared the amazing view of the formation of a new star in space

NASA, the US space agency, always shares pictures and videos about the amazing and amazing things about space for people. All of NASA’s posts are informative and connect people to space. Through NASA’s post, we also get a lot of mysterious information about space. Now again NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shared a great post on Instagram this Tuesday. In this post, the Hubble Space Telescope provides a picture of a new star forming in space. In this video, you can see the two poles of the newly formed star shining. The video shows dust clouds and interstellar clouds glowing red and white.

NASA wrote with a note that it now enters the realm of active star formation. The video also shows a blue nebula appearing just behind this underdeveloped star. That’s why its milky shine looks more beautiful. NASA says the nebula is located in the farthest reaches of our galaxy, about 2,000 light-years from Earth.

NASA has identified this nebula as Sharpeless 2-106. The agency said the nebula would give birth to a larger star. This is the region of bipolar star formation in which a giant star forms. According to NASA, the under-formation star IRS 4 (Infrared Source 4) was “born about 100,000 years ago. The IRS 4 nebula scattered dust and hot gas.”

Watch the video:

During this stellar operation, the U.S. space agency said it had discovered hundreds of low-mass brown dwarf stars scattered in the nebula’s gas. The distance between these stars is estimated to be about two light-years. Hubble captured this comforting image of Sharpless 2-106 with the help of the Earth-based Subaru Telescope. It shows three-dimensional flight.

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So far, more than 53,000 likes have been received for this post. People were shocked to see this video. Many people come to comment on the video. Written by a user – amazing. Another wrote: “Everything you discover about the universe is wonderful and wonderful.”

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