NASA sends a lunar rocket to the launch pad and the first launch is approaching

NASA sends a lunar rocket to the launch pad and the first launch is approaching

The rocket and Orion capsule were delivered to the LC-39B ramp from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).

As part of the Artemis program, NASA plans to send a new giant SLS rocket to the moon with Orion at the end of August. The Artemis I mission, an unmanned test flight, was intended to orbit our natural moon and return to Earth.

42 day mission

The launch of the lunar mission, which will last more than a month, is scheduled for August 29. The start is available from 14:33 CEST and lasts for two hours. If the launch is successful, the rocket will return to our planet after 42 days on October 10.

In case of failure, e.g. Due to weather, NASA plans additional launches on September 2 and 5; They have to wait two weeks for the next attempt.

At 98 meters tall, the SLS lunar rocket and Orion module are taller than the Statue of Liberty.

After the tests in June, the machine is awaiting the flight to the moon after necessary maintenance. Several technical problems appeared among them, including fuel leaks. The rocket’s test run was a success, although the tank hydrogen leaked from the fuel system for the rocket’s main stage tank, causing some problems for the engineers.

NASA officials assured in July that all the problems had been fixed and that the rocket’s testing was almost over.

The first phase of this program is Artemis I, the unmanned flight of the Orion probe around the Moon to Earth. The second stage (Artemis II) will be the same flight as Orion around the moon, thus reaching its orbit, but already with a crew.

The third stage (Artemis III) sends astronauts to the Lunar Gateway Station near the Moon and then lands a crew on the lunar surface. This is the first time a woman has landed on our natural satellite.

According to NASA’s earlier calculations, the final stage will take place as early as 2025.

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