NASA rover explores the “garden floor” at the bottom of Lake Mars

NASA rover explores the "garden floor" at the bottom of Lake Mars

Many parts of the Perceiving Rover from 2021 are shown in this picture. July 13 Scientific instruments on the back of the rover robot’s arm.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

NASA Agency Arrogant rover on a journey through MarsI.e. stop some excursions. NASA on Wednesday shared footage from the route that caught the attention of the rover team.

The target is a fragment of rock that remains from the time the lake was formed, and in the distant past Mars was more waterlogged than it is today.

“Look at this patch rock I found: it looks like a garden floor, almost bare rock.” NASA tweeted With a GIF image of a rover visiting the place. “Such objects from the ancient bottom of the lake will help capture the shape of that lake.”

Signing up for the site for a few days is a constant, so you can get up close and personal. A lot of science awaits the rover, but one of the main missions is to find evidence of ancient microbes on the Red Planet. The former lake is an ideal place to explore the past of Mars.

These rocks on Mars look beautiful on a garden path.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

NASA shared images show a rover checking the “floor” with a driver on the back of Rosa’s hand.

Allows the hand rover to act as a human geologist does: using scientific instruments “by hand” or by carrying a turret, NASA explained about the rosary. The rover’s “hand tools” extract the cores from the rocks, produce microscopic images, and analyze the elemental and mineral composition of the rocks and soil on Mars.

NASA Robot Explorer lands on Mars in February and launches the first science-based scientific exploration with its satellite A special helicopter that acts as a searchlight. The exploration of the bed is a sign of future science, as the rover is reminiscent of the ancient history of Mars.

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