NASA releases new photo taken by Mars Rover and photos of the landing

नासा के रोवर ने मंगल ग्रह से भेजी ये शानदार तस्वीर। (फोटो: ट्विटर/नासा)

Washington, agencies. The US space agency NASA on Wednesday released a stunning photo sent by a rover from Mars. It has a beautiful view of the rover’s landing site. NASA has taken a historic step by landing the Perseverance rover on Mars. NASA has sent this rover for a special study of Mars under Mars Mission 2020. NASA has already sent a rover to Mars. NASA has released photos of the rover landing and its aftermath.

The US space agency NASA on Tuesday released a stunning photo of the rover’s landing site. This photo shows the rim of the Jazero crater where the rover landed last week. This photo was taken by a 360 degree rotating rover. This rover camera is equipped with zoom cameras that can take high quality video and photos. NASA says the image contains 142 different photographs sent to Earth as an image.

NASA says rover cameras will help scientists assess the geological history and atmosphere of the Jagero crater and identify rocks and debris. Earlier on Monday, the US space agency released the first audio of Mars. This includes recording the impact of the wind captured by the rover’s microphone. NASA has also released a video of the rover landing.

After landing, NASA released the images

A few days ago, NASA released a picture of the deck of the Navcoms Rover, the navigation camera of the Perseverance Rover. Also known as the Jazz PixL (PXL), NASA’s planetary instrument for X – ray lithochemistry. It is a rover-mounted instrument that will carry out geological studies on Mars. The device has a camera that takes pictures of rocks and soil that can see even small pieces of salt. With this, scientists can get information about the previous micro-organisms on Mars.

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This is the first high – resolution image of Mars taken from NASA’s hazard camera, located at the bottom of the Perseverance Rover. NASA released the image on February 23 as the film of the day. The picture below clearly shows the Jessero crater on Mars.

The Masoutcam-Z is a special camera pair mounted on a permanent rover. In this image, the camera is used for the first time since landing on Mars, used by scientists as a marker for the color of the camera and its other settings. Mastcam is built by the Malin Space Science System in San Diego, California, and is operated by Arizona State University in Tempe.


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