NASA plans to launch two new Venus reconnaissance missions

NASA plans to launch two new Venus reconnaissance missions
J.R.V. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Although life on our planet has improved, it was announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch two new Venus exploration missions later this decade to find out how Earth’s closest neighbor has become a world reminiscent of hell.

“These two sisters aim to understand how the missions work Venus The agency’s newly appointed administrator said the lead on the surface has become a hellish world. Bill Nelson.

About $ 500 million has already been set aside for the mission. USD (410 million) under NASA program “Discovery“. The research probes will be launched by 2028-2030.

Both missions were selected through a peer-reviewed competition based on scientific merit and feasibility.

One One of these missions will be DAVINCI +, which means “investigation and imaging of the inert gas and chemistry of the deeper layers of the Venusian atmosphere”. It will focus on research on the structure and evolution of the Venusian atmosphere, mainly containing carbon dioxide.

Yes Attempts will be made to find out if there were ever oceans of liquid water on this planet.

The DAVINCI + mission probe, descending in a spiral, should reach clouds of sulfuric acid droplets in dense atmospheric layers. The instrument will accurately measure the concentrations of inert gases and other elements to find out where the extreme greenhouse effect observed in the atmosphere of Venus in our time began.

The Da Vinci + Inquiry should send the first high-resolution images called Venus Tesseras and geographical formations similar to the Earth’s continents. Scientists speculate that these derivatives may be evidence of tectonic processes in Venus plates.
The results of these studies will dramatically change the way scientists understand the formation of planets on Earth.

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Another mission known as Veritas is an acronym for “Venus Emission Ability, Radio, Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, Topography, and Spectroscopy”.

The aim is to map the surface of Venus from its orbit and gather information that can give clues about the planet’s geographical history.

Radar, often used to create three-dimensional images of buildings and other structures, scans the planet’s terrain to see if there are still volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on the planet.
In addition, Veritas infrared scanners should help determine the nature of surface rocks, of which very few are known, as well as the presence of volcanoes that emit water vapor into the atmosphere.

Anyway, the mission will be led by NASA, but the investigation will be provided by infrared cameras German Aerospace Center, and Italian In addition to the space agency French The National Space Research Organization (CNES) will be responsible for radar and other components of the mission.

NASA’s latest Venus Exploration Orbital Magellan landed on the planet in 1990, but many other instruments later flew closer to it.

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