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मंगल पर उड़ान के लिए तैयार हो रहा नासा

New Delhi (ANI). NASA is preparing for the first control flight of an Mars Mars helicopter to be deployed on a Mars mission. This is the first time a helicopter has flown over the surface of Mars and captured its view on camera. It is scheduled for April 8, 2021. Weighing less than 2 kg, this invented helicopter is amazing. We can tell you that NASA has already shown something amazing in this mission. NASA’s mission team, meanwhile, set several milestones.

As for the ingenious helicopter, let me tell you that it is currently attached to the Persistence Rover as well. Recently, this rover flew over the surface of Mars, and NASA released a video of it. Its sound is also heard in this video, so the marks on the surface of Mars can be clearly seen. The rover successfully landed on Mars on February 18.

NASA’s rover is currently in the same place where ingenuity should have flown historically. Lori Glace, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, says NASA’s Sojourner rover first touched the planet’s surface in 1997. It turned out at the time that it was possible to walk on this red planet. This mission gave a new thought and dimension to the future mission. The same concept has been applied to all missions to Mars since then. He says the scientists who discovered it want to know a lot. If the invention is successful in its function, it will be further expanded. In this way, it can also play an important role in the future search for Mars.

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Let me tell you, it’s very difficult to fly in a controlled manner at NASA. According to NASA, this is more difficult than flying on Earth. Compared to Earth, Mars has only one-third of its gravitational pull. At the same time, its atmosphere is about one percent thicker than Earth’s. Half of the sunlight reaches the earth. The night temperature on Mars drops to 130 degrees. This temperature can freeze anything and break electrical components or components. Tactfully crafted with the position of the percussion. This is why it is kept small in size.

Its weight is too small to fit on Mars. At the fall temperature of Mars, the heater installed in it will keep it warm. Before the start of the mission, the helicopter builds a vacuum chamber and tests it like Mars. The chamber was built by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Southern California. It is completely given the shape of Mars. The rocks, the atmosphere and the temperature are all the same.

Mars helicopter chief engineer Bob Balaram said the mission began six years ago. In his opinion, deploying this helicopter and flying it would be very challenging. The airfield of this helicopter is approximately 33 feet to 33 feet. Only if the team of both the helicopter and the rover makes sure it is in their airfield in the right place will it be deployed and ready for flight and ready to make history.

Farah Alibe of Mars Helicopter Integration says no such experiment has taken place before. Once it is deployed, the steps cannot be reversed. For the success of this mission, better coordination among team members is required. Everyone will depend on each other for this mission. If you ever feel that work is not going according to plan, stop and think about it later.

The deployment process of this helicopter takes about six days. For the first time, Team Bolt, based at NASA headquarters, will launch a braking device that will help launch and land the helicopter. After this, they will try to rotate the helicopter to its own location using a pyrotechnic device. It will then check its landing logs and make the final stop.


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