NASA Hubble Telescope remains in safe mode after the latest crash Earth’s eyes suddenly closed in space, and NASA was stunned by the mysterious disease


Washington: The Hubble Space Telescope, also known as the Earth’s Eye in Space, is offline again. The Hubble Telescope has been in ‘Safe Mode’ for the past week. After a problem with the Hubble Space Telescope, its equipment was turned off.

What is the cause of the disability?

According to the Insider report, engineers at the US space agency NASA are constantly trying to figure out the cause of the problem with the Hubble Telescope. A NASA spokesman said the investigation was still at an early stage and therefore it was difficult to say what caused the crash. It is difficult to say how the engineers will fix this problem and when it will start working again.

The most powerful telescope in space

Hubble is the most powerful telescope in space and has made countless discoveries while in space for the past 30 years. Its entire system was last replaced in 2009. A NASA spokesman said the computer had four memory modules but only needed one.

Year Launched in 1990

The Hubble Telescope was launched in April 1990. It has been in orbit ever since. After staying there for about a month, Hubble first began work on May 20, 1990, sending a picture of a part of the sky from space. This is the third time this year that the Hubble Space Telescope has faced such a major problem. Earlier in March, the telescope was in offline mode for more than four days due to a software update. I also had a problem in June and it didn’t work for 5 weeks.

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Although scientists expect Hubble to work for a long time. Officials at the Space Telescope Science Institute had earlier said that steps were being taken to extend the life of the telescope so that it could operate in space until 2030.

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