NASA has released the first video of the landing of persistence and the sound from Mars

Washington NASA on Monday showed the first parts of the video from the landing of the robotic spacecraft Stability on the Surface on Tuesday. These are the first shots taken from the soft landing on the red planet. The agency also released the first sound recording made on the surface of Mars.

The three-minute-long video shows footage from various cameras mounted on the vehicle, taken after the spacecraft entered Mars’ atmosphere. First you see the parachute open and then the surface of the planet. Finally, the rover itself can be seen, launching the descending section of the landing gear on three ropes and flying to a safe distance after the stealth vehicle lands.

There was no audio recording of the landing, but after landing NASA released a short audio recording that produced a steady stream. There is a lot of noise from the rover, but the wind is blowing on the surface of a distant planet in the background.

The vehicle is tasked not only with searching for ancient microbial remains, but also with work related to preparing people’s future explorations to Mars.

Celebrates successful landing on Mars.

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