NASA has introduced a new $ 23 million space toilet to the ISS. It should arrive on Monday

NASA has introduced a new $ 23 million space toilet to the ISS.  It should arrive on Monday

This extraordinary space toilet will be tested by astronauts on the RSS.


Recently designed Space toilet To the International Space Station, which houses the best of women. The Inside a cargo ship filled with fresh loo Friday night at 6:16 pm from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. For the next few months the astronauts will give the toilet a test run.

Weighing in at about 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and 28 inches (71 cm) high, this new toilet is about half the size of the two Russian-made toilets already in use at the RSS. This new toilet is 65% smaller and about half as light as existing ISS toilets.

The new and smaller toilet will be compatible with NASA Orion capsules, which will travel to the moon on future missions.

As previously reported, The new toilet is designed with reclining seat and new shape and redesigned funnels for urination.


Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from RSS feeds.


The micro-gravity toilets used in the RSS use suction to keep the waste out of space for a while, but the new system has been redesigned to fit the female anatomy. The toilet is ideal for capturing more waste than ever before.

“Cleaning up a mess is a big deal. We don’t need a loss or escape,” said Melissa McKinley, project manager at the Johnson Space Center. Told The Guardian. “Let’s just say everything floats on weight.”

The new toilet system has a lower mass than previous systems, is easier to use, gives the crew comfort and performance, and treats urine, so it can be safely processed by spacecraft reusable systems. ” According to a NASA report Previously published in June.

The toilet will be installed in its own stall near the old one on the US side of the space station. The toilet, currently on the US side of the space station, was designed in the 1990s.

This new Universal Waste Management System will remain with the RSS until the end of the life of the Toilet Space Station.

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