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NASA discovers thousands of alien worlds in 4 years

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Sunday, January 30, 2022 – 10:03 WIB

Viva – Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or Tess conducted by the Aeronautics and Space Administration NASAWhich has been in operation for four years now, is being used by scientists to find it The planet Including data.

The mission has reached a milestone of 5,000 discoveries Object of interest Or TOI including exoplanet candidates and other signals of interest.

For Astronomer Selecting objects from this TOI to study in more detail and collaborate with other tools, per page, to better understand what TESS has seen LocationQuoted Sunday, January 30, 2022.

“TESS has found more than 2,400 TOIs. Today, TESS has more than doubled .I’m excited to see thousands more in the coming years,” said researcher Michel Kunimoto.

Since the launch of TESS in April 2018, 176 TOIs have been confirmed as planets. The numbers are small because more observation time is needed to confirm the candidate exoplanets.

The Kepler space telescope, TESS’s predecessor, has more than 2,000 unconfirmed planets, although observations have been completed since 2013.

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