NASA announces JPL “Perseverance” Helicopter-Scientific’s latest status report

According to foreign media reportsMission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California have received the first status report from a stable ship ingenuity Mars helicopter.On February 18, 2021, it was reported that the helicopter landed in the Jessero crater with constant enthusiasm.


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They are currently looking for two main targets in data-ingenuity battery charge status and base station, said Tim Conham, Operations Head at JPL Ingenuity Mars Helicopter. ”(It seems) Both seem to work very well. Reportedly, tomorrow we will continue to promote the management of helicopter batteries. “

Ensuring that the ingenuity has enough power to maintain heating and other important functions while maintaining optimal battery health is the key to the success of this Mars helicopter. One hour of power on will increase the battery capacity of the rotorcraft by about 30%. After a few days, they will charge up to 35% again. In the future, they plan to charge once a week when the helicopter connects to the rover. The downlink data from tomorrow’s charging process will be compared to the battery charging process on Mars Cruise to help the team plan future charging.

Like most 4 lb (2 kg) rotorcraft, 6 lithium ion batteries are readily available. Rover’s power supply is currently charged. Once the ingenuity is deployed to the surface of Mars, its batteries will be charged with their own solar panels.

After deploying its ingenuity to the surface of Mars, the helicopter will have a 30-day (31 Earth days) experimental flight test window. If the trick is to survive the first cold night on Mars – the temperature drops to minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 90 degrees Celsius) – then the team will continue on the first flight of another planet.

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If the ingenuity is successfully flown and circled on its first flight, it means that it has achieved more than 90% of its project objectives. If Rottercraft successfully lands and remains active, up to four attempts can be made, each based on a previous success.

Mimi Ang, project manager for JPL Ingenity Mars Helicopter, said: “We are in an uncharted area, but our team used it. From now until the end of the Flight Demonstration project, almost every milestone will be first, and only when each one is successful can we move on to the next. “

Rotorcraft is the successor to the next generation of ingenuity, which will increase the amount of air for future exploration of this red planet. These innovative robotic aircraft will provide a unique perspective that is not available on existing high-altitude orbiting vehicles or probes and landers. Territory arrived.

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