NASA and SpaceX prepare for return from first mission to RSS International | News

NASA and SpaceX prepare for return from first mission to RSS International |  News

Twice this week, three American astronauts and a Japanese man returned from bad weather at the International Space Station.

NASA’s first joint manned mission and private spacecraft SpaceX’s crew-1 return to the International Space Station (ISS) and return to Earth this morning off the coast of Florida (USA), after a delay due to bad weather.

The aerospace agency confirmed that the capsule will now separate from the ISS at 8.35pm on Saturday and reach the Gulf of Mexico at 2.57am on Sunday.

NASA had previously reported that the Dragon capsule’s detachment from the ISS, which was scheduled for this Friday, had to be postponed due to weather forecasts in the regions that landed in the Atlantic the next day. Landing. And “Wind speeds above the return criterion”.

NASA astronauts Shannon Walker, Michael Hopkins and Victor Glover also teamed up with teams from the U.S. space agency and SpaceX this Friday to analyze new opportunities for the Cruy-1 mission’s “safe return.” Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa).

“The crew dragon at the space station is healthy, and the crew will continue to search for suitable conditions for landing and retrieval,” NASA wrote in a blog post.

This is the second postponement of Crew-1’s return, following NASA’s announcement last Tuesday that it was postponing its return until the next day due to bad weather. Dragon Capsule, Resilience, will land.

Agreement between NASA and SpaceX

This is the first of NASA’s six human missions to be signed by magnet Elon Musk as part of the Commercial Crew Program.

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After spending six months in the RSS, the astronauts will return to Earth, during which time they conducted various scientific experiments.

NASA photo of US crew Victor Glover appearing on the crew of the so-called Space X Crew-1 while working on the International Space Station. EFE / NASA
Photo: EFE

Crew-1 returns from operations. The second of these missions, Crew-2, will be a reusable Falcon 9 rocket aboard the Cape Canaveral (Florida) on April 24 on another Dragon capsule, the Entover, on the ISS.

The relief team, which will spend six months in the orbital laboratory, will include US astronauts NASA Shane Kimbro, Megan McArthur, Jaxa Agency’s Japanese Akihiko Hoshaid and French Thomas Pesquet. Agency European Space (ESA). (I)

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