NASA: A spacecraft from asteroid to Earth … shocking scene

NASA: Decades of planetary exploration history. Current history of research on asteroids. NASA has been building the Osiris-Rex spacecraft for years. Got into it. The photos were taken and sent to NASA. NASA scientists who saw the photos … decided that there were no creatures on the asteroid. Then a robot from the spacecraft … collected some rocks from the asteroid and put them in a box on the spacecraft and covered them. After that … the rest of the goal is to bring that soil to the ground. What happened next ….

To begin the journey to Earth, a spacecraft must be lifted from the asteroid. Before I knew it … Suddenly something happened there. Suddenly a commotion and confusion ensued. Not sure what actually happened there. The details of the incident that took place on April 7 last year were discovered by NASA scientists last Thursday with some photos.

This is what the scientists say … when the spacecraft crashed into the asteroid … it put a lot of pressure. Before the spacecraft lands … the nitrogen gas is released strongly to keep the area smooth. With that gas pressure … the rocks there will go to the sides like mud. After all this, the spacecraft landed well. Scientists say something happened when he climbed to a height of 40 feet during the resurrection. Can’t say what happened. Scientists at the University of Arizona are preparing a paper on this.

The spacecraft is said to be in good condition now … It is said to go to Earth next month with kilograms of soil samples. It will reach Earth by 2023. The soil in it is examined.

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Bennu Asteroid: Half a kilometer in size, the asteroid Bennu is beautiful to look at. It is 29.3 crore km from the earth. The distance between the same planet and Mars is 28.7 crore km. This asteroid orbits the Sun. It has been close to Osari land for 6 years. It is high in carbon. If you look closely at this … scientists think that we know how our solar system was formed and how the planets were born … when they were born.

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You can also see:
If you want to see the whole asteroid without leaving even an inch … you can see. NASA provided a link. that’s all. Click this link … Wait a minute. Bennu asteroid falls right in front of your eyes. You can see from all sides by turning back and forth. Zoom in and see all the rocks, plains and valleys in it.

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