NAS paramedics to assist in Northern Ireland

NAS paramedics to assist in Northern Ireland

Paramedics from the National Ambulance Service will help ease stress on health care in Northern Ireland this weekend.

Nass staff members received an email asking if they would be available to work in Belfast, Craigslist and Lisburn tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Others hope that at this point three employees have agreed to work on Saturday.

It is expected that at least 1 staff will be deployed on Friday and 2-3 staff on Saturday between 1 and 2 on Sunday night.

Paramedics will use their NAS vehicles.

Nass confirmed that the plan is to support the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service “to maintain service delivery and pre-hospital care, especially during challenging times.”

It states that this support will not in any way affect the normal functioning of the National Ambulance Service and the delivery of care.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service requested assistance, providing full coverage due to persistent operational challenges.

It has already deployed non-emergency personnel and available volunteer and private ambulance services.

NASA provides assistance in a mutual assistance agreement between ambulance services on both sides of the border.

A memorandum of understanding has been in place for many years, especially in cooperation, especially in border counties.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service said: “This extra capacity is very welcome. Nias is extremely grateful to our colleagues and their staff at NAOS for agreeing to support us for the second time in the last 12 months during challenging times.”

The statement said there were challenges in providing full coverage of the service across Northern Ireland.

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It added: “These challenges, in the long run, exacerbate the Kovid-19 pandemic, so that, or a member of their household, tests positive or symptoms of Kovid-19.”

Twelve deaths related to Kovid-19 have been reported in Northern Ireland. The official number is 1,154.

By the time the Stonemont executive meeting convened to discuss the imposition of the new lockdown, the number of positive cases had crossed the 60,000 milestone.

Today, there are 656 cases, bringing the total number of infections to 60,287.

There are 460 corona virus patients in northern hospitals. There are 32 people in the ICU, 26 of whom are on ventilators.

Health officials have warned that hospitals could be at high risk as everything is running above capacity.

Eight of the 12 major hospitals in Northern Ireland have no beds available.

On Tuesday, rows of ambulances across Northern Ireland were seen in the Accident and Emergency Units (ED), treating patients in car parks as the capacity within hospitals was low.

At one point There are 17 ambulances carrying patients outside the ED at Antrim Area Hospital.

Latest corona virus stories

The Stonemont executive is discussing proposals from Health Minister Robin Swann for further restrictions starting shortly after Christmas.

Understand that he prefers a six-week “hard lockdown” in everything except essential retail payments. It is not yet clear whether schools will reopen after the Christmas holidays.

Retail, hospitality, and extensive closures were requested.

Swann also wants the executive to take firm action to celebrate the New Year.

Stonemont sources said the instructions are similar to the full-scale lockdown of March compared to recent circuit-break restrictions.

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Despite the latest two-week circuit break, the number of cases in Northern Ireland continues to rise.

One reason cited was the failure of health officials to follow regulations and guidelines to keep infections, hospital admissions, and mortality at relatively high levels.

Ahead of today’s executive meeting, Finance Minister Diane Dodds said Northern Ireland was in a very challenging position on the spread of the virus.

“I have repeatedly said how difficult this cycle of lockdown is for the economy. We have published data on the price of the lock down down wheel to the economy, but we will wait to see what the executive discussion brings forward,” she said.

Meanwhile, a GP in Co Armag requested that people in Northern Ireland reduce contact this year and avoid visiting the elderly, saying the positive effects of vaccination would make such visits safer in a few weeks.

Speaking to RTE’s Morning Ireland, he said political leaders and individuals need to move forward with caution. Frances O’Hagan said, “Our hospitals are full of ICUs and GP surgeries.

“We need to think carefully about what we are going to do about Christmas,” he said.

She said people should personally look at their contacts “now” and minimize them to what they absolutely need.

This message should go to those who are not infected with the virus and believe that it is very real, they said.

“It’s not going to happen to me,” she said.

She said that in a few weeks the weak and the elderly will be vaccinated because they urged people to delay visits and hugs with the elderly.

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Story Funeral: The file should be sent to the NI Prosecution Service

The police investigation into the violation of the corona virus rules ended at the funeral of senior Republican Bobby Story.

Hundreds of people set out for West Belfast in June, despite strict restrictions on conventions.

Sinn Fൻin members have accused Kovid of disregarding the rules by attending an event that caused a major political upheaval in Northern Ireland.

Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill was among 24 people interviewed by police as part of the investigation.

The investigation has been led by Cumbria Police Deputy Chief Constable Mark Webster since July.

Webster confirmed in a statement that the investigation is now over.

“We have now interviewed 24 people suspected of violating the rules and a file will be submitted to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) on Friday, December 18, 2020,” he said.

I will not comment further so as not to prejudice the decisions that PPS will make in the future.

Mr. Webster was hired to conduct an independent investigation into the June 30 funeral and the violation of the Corona virus rules.

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