Narrow defeat for Milena Bertolini’s national team – OA Sport

Narrow defeat for Milena Bertolini's national team - OA Sport

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21.58 Thanks for following us and see you on the next Live!

21.56 Third friendly, third loss. Bad Italy finds itself without trust and without a functioning structure. There is time to resolve the situation in view of the World Cup.

96′ It’s over here, Northern Ireland-Italy Women 1-0.

94′ Last two minutes of the game.

92′ Irish counter-attack ends with a shot wide.

90′ extra time will be six minutes.

88′ Pauli inside for Italy. Outside Sernoya.

86′ Burns’ double intervention saves the door.

84′ pushing Italy looking for an equaliser.

82′ Italy are very unlucky, even if it’s not accurate.

80′ McGuinness lifts the ball in front of the line, avoiding an Irish double.

78 ‘Wonder burned in Caruso.

76′ Wilson and Wade are out for McGuinness and McDaniel for Northern Ireland.

74′ Giugliano fires off with a deflection.

72′ 4-3-3 times for Italy.

70′ In Italy Caruso, Giacinti, Linari, Bottin, Simonetti and Gliona.

68′ Ireland’s goalkeeper has problems.

66 Insertion by Simonetti who can’t find the ball.

64′ McFadden’s goal Everyone scores alone in the penalty area following a corner, Northern Ireland 1-0 Italy.

62′ Again an unprecedented performance by Giuliani on Andrews.

60′ Great save by Giuliani on Wilson.

58′ Italy press again.

56′ Merlo comes on for Italy.

54′ Girelli’s header just doesn’t find the far post.

52′ Merlot is also preparing for Italy.

50′ outside Caldwell, Andrews, Northern Ireland.

48′ Outside Bonansee, inside Cantorre, Italy.

46′ The second half begins!

20.47 Played at a very slow pace, Italy were unable to dominate even the Irish counter-attacks. We need more conviction especially in midfield and attack.

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See you soon in the second half!

45′ First Half Northern Ireland 0-0 Italy.

43′ Risks burning, but Italy don’t take advantage.

41′ Ireland try long balls but Italy also hold the field well.

39′ Ireland defending themselves by tightening the defense in the non-possession phase.

37′ Ghirelli doesn’t hook the ball after the free kick.

35′ Italy’s highest center of gravity wings rise.

33′ Italy still slow to find the net to unlock the game.

31′ Right foot by Girelli for Burns.

29 ‘Burns outgoing anticipates Cafferata.

27 McCarron doesn’t scare Giuliani from afar.

25′ Giugliano sends the ball past the goalkeeper.

23′ This is the last friendly match of the year. World Cup on July 20 next year.

21′ Girelli’s cross blocked by the defence.

19 ′ Italy’s defense is not perfect. Counterattack potential.

Above 17′ Cernoia does not cause problems for burns.

15′ Continued possession of the ball by Italy.

13 ‘ Caldwell expects Girelli.

11 ‘Conclusion by Wilson for Giuliani.

9′ Northern Ireland’s defense was expected by Girelli.

7′ The Blues are picking up the pace now, but the passes are still inaccurate.

5′ Cafferata goes near the far post with his right foot.

3′ Italy try to build from the bottom despite Irish pressure.

1′ Start the game!

19.55 Teams on the field, national anthems in progress.

19.50 Two national teams enter the field within five minutes.

19.45 Italy are paying for a number of injuries and a bit of animosity in front of goal.

19.40 Italy must recover from a back-to-back double defeat in friendlies against Brazil and Austria.

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19.35 Here they are formations Officers:

Ireland of Nord: Burns, Burroughs, Caldwell, Callaghan, Hamilton, McCarron, McFadden, McKenna, Vance, Wade, Wilson.

Italy: Giuliani, Bartoli, Bottin, Bonanci, Cafferata, Cernoia, Filangeri, Girelli, Giugliano, Gliona, Simonetti.

19.30 Good evening and welcome to the women’s friendly between Northern Ireland and Italy.

Good evening and welcome to the live text of Northern Ireland-Italy women’s football, another friendly match for the national team by Milena Bertolini.

The Italian women’s national team ends its 2022 season with a friendly against Northern Ireland. Italy must recover from the double fault against Brazil and Austria. Character and above all cynicism is required in front of goal, which is scarce in these matches. Maintaining focus in view of the 2023 World Cup is also a challenge.


Goalkeepers: Roberta Aprile (Juventus), Francesca Durante (Inter), Laura Giuliani (Milan);

The defenders: Elisa Bartoli (Roma), Lisa Bottin (Juventus), Federica Cafferata (Fiorentina), Maria Luisa Filangeri (Sassuolo), Elena Linari (Roma), Beatrice Merlo (Inter), Angelica Sofia (Milan);

Midfielder: Ariana Caruso (Juventus), Valentina Cernoia (Juventus), Aurora Galli (Everton), Manuela Giugliano (Roma), Benedetta Gliona (Roma), Martina Rossucci (Juventus), Flaminia Simonetti (Inter);

Go ahead: Barbara Bonancia (Juventus), Sofia Kantor (Juventus), Valentina Giacinti (Roma), Cristiana Girelli (Juventus), Elisa Poli (Inter).

The incident: Northern Ireland-Italy women.
data: 15/11/2022
mineral: 20.00
the pigeon See her: Rai Sport+HD, Rai Play.
site: Belfast, Stadium Crusaders FC.

Italy is likely to be formed

Italy (3-5-2): During; Bartoli, Linari, Philancheri; Bonansee, Caruso, Rossucci, Galli, Bottin; Hyacinth, Girelli.

OA Sport brings you live Northern Ireland v Italy for women: Live news and constant updates. Kick off 20:00. Good fun!

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Photo: Lapresse.

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