Narbonne: But what is a roller coaster derby?

Narbonne: But what is a roller coaster derby?

The Norbonn Roller Sportswear Club from Norfolk reunites with its Head Hunters team in four-wheel roller skates and roller derby.

The Norbonn Roller Derby Club has been around for 9 years. He evolved into the French National 2 Championship, but the Covid crisis went through there, putting sticks on the wheels of skaters. The championships stopped and he could not train for about a year. But since the start of the season, in September, the club has moved on. This Sunday, the Norbon Mixed Team met in a friendly match against Bayonne at the Calixte-Camelle Gymnasium. In March 2022, the club plans to host a major tournament in the Marathon.

Roller Derby, how it works

“This is a team sport of contact and strategy practiced with four-wheeled roller skates (quads) in an oval terrain.”, President Charlotte Cabrera explains. The goal of the game is for one of the players to succeed in overcoming the opponents without throwing them to the ground or getting off the track within the allotted time. “We play five games against five. We have appointed an attacker and he has to overcome opponents who use tactics and shoulders to stop him. The game lasts for an hour with a half time.” Players are equipped with protection such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, wrist guards and mouth guards.

American origin

Relaunched in Texas in 2000, the contemporary roller derby is now an international sport with clubs around the world, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. , In Sweden, the United Kingdom and other countries. Course in France, where he is affiliated with the Roller Skating Federation. It was basically developed in the United States. He was born in Chicago, in the middle of the Great Depression, in 1929, when his inventor, promoter Leo Celtizer, had the idea to imitate camera surveillance on the Los Angeles / New York marathon circular and covered track. .. Teams consisting of one man and one woman had to cover at least 57,000 laps. Leo Celticer immediately saw that the race’s interest was in the conflicts it created.

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Feminine, but not only

Roller derby is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle with values ​​close to rock, punk or DIY (do it yourself) moves. Its rebirth in 2000 was the result of women no longer wanting to do supporting roles. “Our thinking is to accept everyone, men and women, without distinction. Come as you are.” Roller Derby promotes gender equality. Norbonn RollerSports has a mixed team, a girls ‘team, a junior team and soon a boys’ team.
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