Mysterious disappearance of dogs surrounded by still active volcanic lava

Mysterious disappearance of dogs surrounded by still active volcanic lava

The La Palma volcano, which erupted on September 19, has since destroyed 2,185 buildings. New lava flows approach the sea. There is a mystery behind rescuing dogs surrounded by lava

Evaporated. During the drone rescue operation, the exhausted hounds, who had been trapped for several weeks in a kind of belt surrounded by lava flows, disappeared from the Cumprey Vija volcano.

One of the aerocompost drones flying in the area was found to have no dogs on Thursday. The company on Friday decided to cease operations and return its teams to company-based Galicia (northwestern Spain). Signs of people entering the “restricted” area were found.

“All Risk Agency”

An anonymous video posted on social networks shows aerial images of the area and the empty surroundings, and stretches out a white tarpaulin over a wall around the area declaring “Courage La Palma”. Dogs work well. A message signed by the All Risk Agency referring to the 1980s American television series.

A banner appeared after the rescue, signing “A Team” (Editor’s note: “All Risk Agency”)

Video capture.

While some are gesturing to animal rights activists, others,, an animal support organization, reported lonely and hungry dogs in early October, thinking of the dog owner’s (s) relatives.

Police and local authorities could not confirm this information or indicate whether an investigation has been launched.

Always intense activity

Still in progress, the eruption of Cumbria Viza, which began on September 19, did a lot of damage without killing anyone: the volcano destroyed 2,185 buildings and threatened 76 others, according to the Copernicus satellite at midnight. System.

The eruption activity does not appear to be weakening, and despite the slow progress, new lava flows are still advancing into the sea.

According to experts, the eruption was the largest on the island since the 15th century.

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