‘My partner and son lost their jobs, we don’t need it’ – Mortgage payments taken from accounts despite moratorium

'My partner and son lost their jobs, we don't need it' - Mortgage payments taken from accounts despite moratorium

Many Havan and EBS customers who get payment breaks on mortgages have been misled into withdrawing money from their account this week.

Ellen Daly, who lives in Lahinch, Con Clare, Dublin, said she was shocked to learn that $ 900 had been debited from her AIB account.

“My partner and son lost their jobs this week as a result of the latest restrictions, and then it happened, and we felt like we were stepping back,” she told The Independent.

Her last payment was made on April 7, and her mortgage moratorium was to operate until next month.

MS Daly is one of the 1,100 people caught up in the latest AIB tracker scam.

“This is the icing on the cake, I’m a tracker mortgage, so it’s not like someone else is going to take me over.

“I am one of the 1100 people affected by the latest interest rate error, which has been happening since 2008, so I do not understand how these problems can occur.

“If I’ve lost a payment, it’s happened when I’m going to sell my house before.

An AIB spokesman said about 20 customers had been affected and their accounts would be refunded.

“When the Kovid-19 crisis began, we arranged payment breaks for thousands of customers to address the impact of the epidemic,” the spokesman said.

A small number of Havan and EBS customers who receive payment intervals have a monthly mortgage payment debited from their account. We contact these customers to apologize and to ensure that debit payments from their account are undone. ”

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Ms Daly runs an Airbnb in the Lalinch area but stopped taking lodgers during the outbreak, so she now has a very limited income.

“When we reopened, we would only take people who live in Ireland and try to limit the risk, not those who come from abroad, because we felt it would be very dangerous if people were coming from areas with high levels of covid.

“People were lying about where they were coming from. It’s not a risk, especially when my family lives in the same house. I no longer rent property.”

Banks introduced a six-month mortgage moratorium at the beginning of the Kovid crisis, but some customers signed up later than others.

For tens of thousands of users, the payment break ended last week.

At the end of the payment interval, approximately 37,000 individual home-loan customers can be declared default, and they will not be able to repay the loan when it comes.

The central bank says it has issued 74,000 payment breaks to mortgage owners since the onset of the pandemic, and has benefited about 40,000 people over the second three-month period.

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