My husband invited his mother-in-law to play, and I was not happy when I found out his planned plan through a phone call.

My husband invited his mother-in-law to play, and I was not happy when I found out his planned plan through a phone call.

My husband works 30 million a month but never remembers his wife’s parents. In addition to Tet days, he is obliged to give gifts, but he usually ignores it. The money in my house is my husband. That’s why every time I go back to my hometown, I want to give it to my parents, I have to keep it private, but please, my husband will murmur.

My husband also confined his wife to his own town, and although we had a decent house here, she never invited her parents to come to town to play. He told me: “If you come back to do something valuable, call your parents face time if necessary. We return whenever we get a job in the countryside. Grandmothers who come here do not like it, so there is no need to invite them. Rural people are accustomed to the rhythm of living in the countryside, and coming here can be frustrating and frustrating. ”

However, early last week, I suggested I take my mom to play for a few days. Sweet Husband: “30 / 4-1 / 5 At this very relaxing time, I welcome my mother here, so she can visit the city to tell me. I told my mother to take me to the car station, and then you come to pick me up. ” When I heard my husband’s suggestion, I suddenly felt a strange feeling. You are not. What made him such a change and fleeting? After that, I didn’t think much of it, but called my mom to come and play. I think my husband may have changed.

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The next day my mother came to bring me a lot of presents from the countryside. Chicken, fish, fresh vegetables, jackfruit … I all love to eat. Mom brought a lot of weight and I thought I would have to eat a whole week to finish my house. My husband was very happy that night and he showed him in a hurry. But my husband appreciated the good taste and went straight to his room.


That evening I went to his office and planned to discuss with my husband that tomorrow I would take my mother to eat and visit Hanoi. When I got to my room, I suddenly stopped when I heard someone calling: “I don’t mind if you book a ticket. On the 29th I would pick up my mom and dad early in the morning and then go straight to the airport and fly to Phu Quoc. Oh, my wife and kids, you don’t have to worry. I fixed everything. I called my mother-in-law to play. So she has no excuse to travel with her family. In addition, the mother-in-law brings food to the countryside. That food can be eaten every week. I do not lose any money, I do not lose money for my wife to go home, I do not have to spend money for food for my wife’s mother. Calculation is a new feature. ”

I heard it all but felt very sad. My husband did not intend to want my mother in every way. He booked a shooting ticket for his whole family, but I stayed at home, carefully planned. Luckily my mother did not listen, this selfish son-in-law, knew she would be very sad.

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When I entered the room to question him, my husband agreed. He explained that this was because my father-in-law wanted to go. Reluctantly, he had to remind them. The house doesn’t have too many conditions, so you just go … he promised another time for me.

On the morning of April 30, her husband and parents flew to Phu Quoc. I live at home with my mother. I mean, I spent my pay month and invited my mom to dine and go out in Hanoi for fun. This month I decided not to pay him more. I find out more and more that I have already chosen the wrong husband!

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